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  1. Yes, its already a field day for racists with brexit and they will all come out of woodwork if Le Pen wins.
  2. Its accurate. ---------- Post added 21-11-2016 at 12:31 ---------- Im MUCH more fabulous than Judge Rinder, who is he??? never heard of him until now, every gay in the village knows me.
  3. Rooney does look like shrek to be fair.
  4. Parking is rubbish. SCC are skint, they go after motorists. Its against the law to punish motorists to fill public coffers but they do. ---------- Post added 21-11-2016 at 12:20 ---------- There robbing gets. If you pay a day late it goes up to £70. If you dont pay that it goes up to £105 after 14 days. They used to give leeway - robdogs.
  5. The victim was crying through laughter.
  6. As a gay, I am offended and hopefully we (the gay community) can remove this bigot from our screens.
  7. Cant fault a Honda. Civics are reliable.
  8. Thats his call. Not the same thing as poking fun at someone for being gay.
  9. Owned an A4 before, looking at the Avant next. My pal who is a sale rep swears by them, he's tried all the estates Passat etc and some saloons Merc C class etc.
  10. It was funny in 2006. And now we know the guy is a bigot, I doubt he will be making a comeback anytime soon.
  11. My fave is the robin reliant. It's got 3 wheels. ---------- Post added 21-11-2016 at 10:08 ---------- The Audi estates like the avant are really good too, if you like that kind of car. ---------- Post added 21-11-2016 at 10:11 ---------- Open sunroof and use 2CV as skip - more useful.
  12. Absolutely nothing should be done. Its called getting ahead in life. Nobody owes anybody anything. It's a bit like getting served first at the bar, snooze you lose!
  13. Stupid, childish and potentially dangerous. But id expect that from the OP.
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