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  1. Hi eb69. I am not able to send private messages at the moment, due to the forum only allowing it after making 5 forum posts, but we have a facebook page if you could message me through there perhaps? Or if you could send me a private message on here? Or facebook will come up if you search for shsu knitlikeyournana Thanks
  2. Hi medusa. Any guidance on technique would be greatly appreciated. We are also looking to crochet too, although not much has been done about that yet. You would be very much welcome to join us anytime though.
  3. Hi We are a Knitting Society based at the Sheffield Hallam University that has started up over the last year. We have discovered that there a lot of new members joining who are not experienced knitters, but are very keen to learn. The problem we have is that our committee is only made up of a few people and we are struggling to spend quality time taking people through the basics of knitting. Our plea to you, the good people of the Sheffield Forum, is for experienced knitters who are willing to give up a few hours on a Tuesday evening to help young students learn this interesting and varied skill. Please get in touch for further details. P.S. There will be free tea and coffee. Thanks Phil
  4. Hi libra. That would be greatly appreciated. I can't private message apparently, as I need to have made more public posts first. My email is emidsman@aol.com if we could arrange for me to collect it. Thanks Phil
  5. Just to make any students of Sheffield Hallam aware (as well as recent graduates and employees of the University) of our knitting club. We meet once a week, during term time, for knitting sessions. These centre around projects, such as knitting for charity or for practice. We take on members of all capabilities, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.
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