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  1. Looking for like minded individuals of a certain age (born 1969) for jamming/ start a band. Into anything guitar driven, influenced by early 90s USA grunge/indie music but up for anything if it sounds good. Have previous signed band experience but not played in a while so abit rusty! Please DM if interested.
  2. Give Em Enough Rope - Clash Black Sunday - Cypress Hil Merrie Land - Good Bad and Queen On Your Own Love Again - Jessica Pratt English Tapas - Sleaford Mods
  3. Step by Step - The Life in my Journeys - Simon Reeve. interesting guy, not the middle class, well educated chap I thought he was , far from it. Suffered from depression etc as a teenager , got where he is today through hard work and enthusiasm.
  4. Hi Company is paying? Thanks ---------- Post added 04-05-2016 at 14:20 ---------- Thanks that's good advice. Cheers!
  5. Hi I've just been offered a company car with my new job. The company have offered to pay £300 a month including a maintenance fee of £50 per month. Anyone have an idea on what the best new models to choose. Tax wise I'm in the 20% bracket and don't want to pay anymore than £150 a month. Thanks Jason
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