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  1. Can anyone share any experiences of getting the council involved regarding noise nuisance created by a barking dog? Has it actually lead to the problem being resolved or does it just make for a terrible relationship with the owner? The best way to resolve these things is always to speak to the owners and see if you can resolve it that way, no arguments whatsoever with that approach. I'm just interested in, where that has failed, whether escalating it to the council has actually achieved anything. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, Akita. Unfortunately it's about a foot and half without the boundary of our property. I'd wondered if it was still the council or water board's responsibility. If anyone's "in the know" and can confirm whether that's the case I'd be grateful.
  3. Hi All, Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement lid for our outside water tap chamber? Its been missing since we moved in about 3 years ago and the chamber itself is getting full of all kinds of rubbish. I was going to post a picture but I'm not sure how. Its basically the chamber set in the path outside the house that houses the tap to turn off water to the property. It missed the lid, which is really just a 10 or 12 cm square piece of metal. Thanks very much.
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