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  1. hello All again! The pottery we have is high quality and I'm afraid it won't find as much customers as required. On the other hand it should stand out if the majority sell cheap ordinary stock around but our worry is - ordinary stock (no offence to anyone who sell it) will bring people who look just for it. Very difficult to predict really, but thanks anyone for your comments and contribution to this story
  2. Handmade pottery and Christmas wreaths. Many thanks everyone for your honest comments. It looks that my choice will turn to York
  3. Hello All! I need your quick advise on the above. I'm looking for somebody who could advise me about the Christmas market in Sheffield. Have you visited maybe the one in Fargate in Sheffield last year? I have read one thread from 2014 and the comment were pretty negative, but thought to check how was in 2015. Is it popular destination for christmas shoppers or they rather hang around places like Meadowhall? If you've been at the market - have you found what traders had on offer interesting? Would you go there next year? Would you say it's more attractive than market in Leeds or York? Any comment will be much appreciated as I'm considering trading next December in there (have also offer to trade in York). Many thanks in advance. I have just few days to make my mind up so please help!
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