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  1. That's not bad, I'll save some money by not drinking (can't drink much with my meds and then it won't be a cab taking me home!)
  2. If they knock on your door by accident that's gonna be a bigger gripe. Didn't think they were allowed to honk past 11 tho
  3. I'm going here tonight to celebrate a friends new job: http://www.syntheticisland.co.uk Never been before, think they only started playing good music. They close at 3am, I keep trying to get these nights to stay open longer like Zogg does, even by offering myself up as free barstaff for the end of the night.
  4. I'd love to see it, where did you get it done?
  5. My ones will definitely not be in the same league as the tramp stamp, this is no tear drops under the eye I'm having.
  6. I managed to find Van Sheiks last week, they're not too far from me. He's going to look into it for me to see if I can have them on the forehead (not much fat there). I didn't think they were abrupt, just old skool. If he can't do it I will try Thou Art tho obviously I don't want jewels
  7. I don't use taxi's much cos I used to always live walking distance (don't use my n00bness to fleece me, you don't know who I am Could anyone give me a ball park figure of how much it would cost to get from TOWN (I'm not sure where I'll be, maybe near corp but not in corp.) to the centre of Hillsborough, I'm okay at being dropped off at Hillsborough corner.
  8. Tell you what I'm gutted I didn't help myself to the free clothes hangers outside the shop before it shut
  9. They're a piercing that anchors under the skin and has a part like a ball or spike sticking out. Previous searches turned up Wadsley Lane, is he still there?
  10. I thought it was all about the same things - feral cats at the arena. Can someone give me a short explantion on whats the 2 different issues are?
  11. I know people keep saying the arena but whereabouts? I only know the part the tram stops at as I never need to get of there. Can provide flasks of chai tea for night watchemen.
  12. Do you still meet regular for this? I love cats and want to help them as much as I can. I dont have transport but I dont work due to illness so have a lot of time, even nightshift since I'm a night owl. Would just need teaching how to trap. Can afford a bit of food too. Also have room for temp fosters but I'm going away soon and after that will be adopting a ferret. Might not be a prob tho!
  13. Was nice to see it back on around 5am when I woke up, didnt even need to manually find the right frequency, usually I do. Had no idea about the retune yesterday though, I don't read papers or listen to the radio. But my box downloads channel information every day at 3am so must have sorted itself out.
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