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  1. I think Starbucks and costs target a "look at me" custom base. With big windows and a location easily visible I presume that the purpose built shop is the ideal location in the middle of a big car park
  2. Does anyone know a place that would fit some Tyres provided by myself? Many thanks
  3. Alot of this is due to people demanding to see a doctor when nothing wrong with them. OAP's seem to love going every week to check whether they got hurt when the wind got over 10mph.
  4. What's the cheapest people have found for a small skip like 3ft?
  5. It's things like this why the city can't progress A retail investment turns into a immature squabble about who has the best soccer team
  6. Aaahhh typical sheffield forum, Pineapple and asparagus at a BBQ!
  7. You need to save every penny you can when you vet burgled!
  8. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/17-year-old-boy-stabbed-in-sheffield-park-1-7991538 My mistake it was a stabbing
  9. Endcliffe park jas just had a shooting, he/she needs spmewhere like Firth park or Page hall neither of which are in the latest top 10 worst area's in Sheffield.
  10. Well.....you all are right! This branch/company is an absolute joke. Don't know where to begin really all I will say is read the reviews on facebook ad google and don't make the same mistake I did, I see a turbulent year ahead and just hope these 12 months pass quick as possible!
  11. Now I have a car I don't do online shopping anymore but when I did it all came in bags before the charge got introduced, I just lifted it all in the doorway while he/she fetched the crates. I never tipped but I never tip takeaway drivers......probably the reason why I'm mostly waiting an hour plus for my Chinese!
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