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  1. These people do repairs. I've never used them but I know they have been doing it for years. My mother was at school with the founder. https://www.yell.com/biz/milton-street-dental-laboratory-ltd-rotherham-8697380/
  2. I think it was on one of the '4' channels so it may be on All 4.
  3. You could run X1's and X10's every five minutes on the time table but the problems start when they don't turn up. If the new time tables are adhered to great. If they come as periodically as now then what has been achieved? They should all have trackers that work on them and reductions in salary for managers if the time tables are not accurate.
  4. Trackers would be good if they were reliable. Even busses that show as tracked often disappear, not to mention the ones that just show the time table time. I've asked First about this and was told they have problems with the tracking system. Well boo hoo, try standing waiting for a late night bus and not knowing if it was running late or not at all.
  5. Possibly, but apart from people who work there, I don't think that many people 'just' want to go to Rotherham. They may pass through but not many stay.
  6. BD1. I'm sorry you think I attempted to insult you. I thought I did. You seem to know a lot about the services provided to people in Maltby and Tickhill without knowing anything. The X1's and X10's all run through Rotherham. I would have thought you would know that. Still keep on telling us what we want. If I miss any of your comments I'm sure another one will be along in time. Or perhaps three at once?
  7. You seem to think that people in Maltby only go to Sheffield to shop. Some of us do or did work and the morning and evening X7's were popular. Just as it was when it started and finished in Tickhill. A shopping time bus that only went through part of Maltby and missed out the largest collection of shops in the area, at Meadowhall, was never going to succeed. An X bus that went to Sunnyside and not Meadowhall and missed the motorway in favour of byroads has not had a lot of thought put into it. If whoever came up with the idea had asked people who may have used it, rather than 'experts' like yourself, a better offer could have been made.
  8. It's not just the cost. I live within 300 mts of a river, although >50 mts above it, and have had some companies refuse to give me cover.
  9. That is true. It's such a shame but, perhaps, her supporters on here could crowdfund a golden farewell for her? Or she could sell off some of the perks, sorry expenses, she accrued whilst in parliament. Maybe three of the four beds she/ we bought for her/ our one bedroom flat? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/mps-expenses/5375200/MPs-expenses-New-MP-sought-four-beds-for-a-one-bedroom-London-flat.html
  10. It was. How do you think people got from Maltby or Tickhill to Sheffield, were most of them worked? But what do we know we were just the ones sat on it, there and back. But well your mates must know more than we did. I can see where you are coming from though. As a motorcyclist I have often thought that bus drivers went around with their eyes shut. Cyclists tell me the same.
  11. OK no offence. There are still people living in Tickhill who would use it to work and people in Maltby who would go to shops or pubs in Tickhill. So more cars on the road and more struggling businesses.
  12. Not to interrupt your hobby horse but I used the 287 frequently. I didn't keep records but, if you like, i can supply testimonials from many others who used it as well. Perhaps you never drove it (I will do you the courtesy of believing you are/were a busdriver) if you did and didn't see the passengers I suppose we were lucky you saw the bends along Tickhill Rd.
  13. Apparently the City Region put out a survey, which closed in September on what people want from the bus service. I suppose we will have to see what is the outcome, if and when it turns up. Just like the busses really.
  14. The 'increased share of the vote' would have been for the Labour Party, not her.
  15. Good work. Hope you got a few freebies out of it.
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