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  1. This is perfect advice, the west part of Cumbria is a lot quieter to, the ratty railway is fab, you keep away from a lot of day trippers that way I am a West Cumbrian lad myself
  2. Just giving this a small bump, if anyone can help
  3. No not at uni otherwise I would aspire to become a young professional
  4. What area in Sheffield is the best place to find Hipsters ?
  5. How would you feel about living next to someone who didn't work? Would that put you off ?
  6. Would you be OK lIving next to plumbers, brick layers and factory workers?
  7. The likes of jo wiley from radio 1 used to be obsessed with , they were ok, but we're on the radio to much , they then lost trend n people lost interest in them
  8. Can someone tell me why people identify them as being hipster and why they think it makes them special
  9. Never really noticed price before . Beers always seemed to be poured OK. This is the reply from the pub (credit to them replying).. Our prices are set centrally through Head Office to which we have no control. Since the increase of cask ale prices last week I have emailed Head Office to clarify such a price as I feel that this will not benefit The Mossbrook in the long run! I am still waiting on them to get back to me so once I hear anything back I will be sure to let you know.
  10. Don't bother just expect to do a full RE wire and budget accordingly
  11. I didn't realise the mossbrook was in central London. 4.15 is a total and utter rip off for a pint of thwaites Wainwright. I ordered three pints and when he told me the price I told him to stuff it and we walked out
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