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  1. Ive been at this for a few days now but cant seem to find a case i was interested in. Ive been told its been to court and sentence has been passed but Im finding nothing anywhere. I have only a name and a very rough idea when it went to court. Can anyone help me find this information? I cant post the name on here but would have no trouble pm'ing you with it if anyone can help me? Thanks in advance
  2. Also Pele has pulled out of lighting the Olympic torch citing health problems. I guess with him being so frail he is worried he wont be able to keep it up for long enough.
  3. You may be reassured by a masked officer holding a gun with enough ammunition to pull a Waco but I would be more reassured by seeing their face.
  4. Im just loving the pictures of the 'Armed Police'. I think many of them may need to go back to shooting school though. I am pretty sure you should only have your finger on the trigger if you intend to fire the weapon. Perhaps some of them are not as used to using firearms as the news is trying to lead us to believe. Or they are just gung ho idiots. Who knows?
  5. I like Kell. He is a genuine and decent fella and I hope he wont get hurt. I won a free £2000 bet and I am sticking it all on Kell to win. Its a long shot for sure but Ill be cheering him on like a mofo. And If he wins ill be a very happy man.
  6. Personally as a car driver I dont mind them filtering. Im not worried if they damage my car through their actions, thats why i have insurance and cameras. If a biker wants to ride like a loon then let them, Karma will be there to catch them in the end. But to block them just because they are butt hurt that a bike can pick its way through traffic is just childish.
  7. Bike, Cycle, Bus, Lorry, Van AND Car drivers are the reason i have two cameras in my car.
  8. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
  9. Can anyone recommend one? One they have personally used? Its for a fault diagnosis and probable repair. I dont mind paying a little extra for a superior service but I dont want someone who wont do a good job. I need them to take pride in their work Thanks in advance
  10. They may think that as men we will take more notice if they are naked. Its like we need to see a few pubes before we pay attention. Its insulting and actually some of those nude 'women' made me feel quite ill, I mean yeah, if youve got it flaunt it but if youve got 'It' and about 5 other peoples then DONT.
  11. I guess he has forgot about all the indiscriminate killing done by the West in the name of some fictitious war on terror. .
  12. And yet you know it was him? Hmmmm, curious
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