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  1. first thanks to you guys for getting back to me second sorry for the late response been ill Ghozer that's the kind of stuff i'm here for i didn't know people specialised in one or the other lol i really am lost when it comes to tech
  2. hi all anyone know where i can find a software engineer/developer i have had an idea about an app for a few years now but don't know anything about apps building one or anything about software in general but want to look in to seeing if my idea is something i can make into a reality or if it's just a dream. So i want to sit down with a software engineer or software developer to discuss how i would go about it and what/who i will need and some things to look out for and some problems i will face i am looking for a favour and will pay for the consultation if anyone can point me in the right direction or knows someone and can let them know about me that would be greatly appreciated
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