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  1. Yeah great day for the Owls but still work to do, playoffs are very unpredictable
  2. When will they be available from the ground?
  3. Only the corner section is, two thirds are still empty
  4. So will the one on the Moor be closing then, another empty unit
  5. Every time I've gone in there recently it's gotten worse and worse, there's more businesses closing each year and the offering is nothing special, back of the mall facing the petrol station has had the same vacant units for years and it's pretty uninspiring walking round looking for gifts when it's like a Scooby Doo ghost town, Blue Inc closed months ago, I've heard Starbucks are moving in, Blockbuster unit has been empty for yonks now as well
  6. Let's hope there'll be prosecutions now, people need to be made accountable and I feel sorry for those genuine workers that day who wanted so much to help but the idiots in higher positions made it impossible for them, I'd have just quit, what a horrible set of events that transpired that day
  7. At the end of the day, the families may have been vindicated but nobody is a winner here, people are still dead and nothing will bring them back, this is just a conciliation prize in a big sordid mess
  8. Yeah a bit too late for repercussions but you'd think SWFC could do something substantial now instead of the memorial they currently have, like offering the families free season tickets for either Liverpool or SWFC or name the away end Stand 96 or something
  9. Regarding the verdicts or should they just let it be now it's all concluded?
  10. I'm a Sheffield Wednesday fan and have been disgusted at this whole debacle from the day of disaster in 89, it's disgraceful how they tried to burry it blaming it on fans and the whole cover up stinks, it's like 9/11 all over again, they've said it's unlawful killing across the board so where's the prosecutions now, it's a shambles that this has dragged SWFC through the gutter like this, hope the families can have closure now they've been vindicated
  11. It burned down in 2007 so yeah nearly a decade but still, I'd love to live in a place called Gatecrasher Apartments, I wonder if there'll be a main room in the cellar to stage those underground raves
  12. Looks like the new student flats being built on the ol Republic / Gatecrasher site will officially be called Gatecrasher Apartments, don't know why but I'm not only jealous of those students who'll live there but also living on the hallowed grounds that defined a clubbing generation!
  13. Plus the Showroom has a bar adjoining it, so does Cineworld and VUE so the Odeon need to start playing ball and offer something else on premises to be competitive, I say reduce its screens to say 8 then use the space for a bar / restaurant, that'd be a start
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