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  1. Hi My local story for kids "The Old Rusty Bear" is now on YouTube. Sorry, the system won't let me post a link here but you can find it by searching on YouTube. Thanks ORB
  2. Hi How are you getting on with The Magpie? I think the iBook has its own file format which you probably wouldn't be able to use. It may be best option is to print just the text with maybe one of the picture files to illustrate it. I could email those to you when you are ready. Thanks ORB
  3. Hi, my local story (for kids) The Old Rusty Bear is now on YouTube - happy for you to link or embed as content for the Magpie if you like. You will need to search for it on YouTube or Facebook as the system won't let me post a link here. Thanks.
  4. Hi, my local iBook for kids "The Old Rusty Bear" can be downloaded free for iPhone and iPad. You can find it via iBooks or follow me on Facebook or Twitter for a link. Thanks
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