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  1. The council was already a disaster so let's hope things improve
  2. Lived at top of Blake st in my uni days in mid 80's and had a clapped out escort - started it a few times by taking the hand brake off in second and was in real trouble if not running by half way down! Pub was great then and to be fair still is now - landlord was a polish guy who owned the shop opposite the boozer - great times
  3. Stupid idea by a stupid council finally being removed and a stupid explanation to boot enough said
  4. Hospital appointment letter posted 22 July received today 31 July for appointment 29 July- sorry but that is unacceptable fortunately I knew because took hospital phone call - it may well be just certain areas and indeed south east Sheffield Inc handsworth has job adverts out for new posties
  5. Anyone else having much reduced post deliveries ? Used to get post daily and in handsworth it's now down to seeing a postie on our road twice a week if we're lucky - aware maybe a bit less advertising mail but twice a week service is poor so get your finger out Royal Mail
  6. Interestingly I wrote to all 3 of my local (labour) councillors and asked their opinions on the shalesmoor scheme - 2 replied to say they have sent my request onto Mr Bob Johnson and asked him to reply - surprise surprise no response and the other councillor hasn't replied Also wrote to my mp Clive Betts who to be fair has replied and said he too was surprised by this scheme in this place and was contacting the council for their views/comments I'm not holding out huge hope but I still hold out that eventually the council will realise what a mess they have made of it but there again this is the same council that on the day before the pubs reopened told people not to go in them because covid 19 was hiding in the pubs waiting for them - total numptys
  7. Agree with rjrb - the issue here is that this particular additional cycle lane is inappropriate on the cities arterial ring road especially as the route in question already had a cycle lane and one of the widest footpaths around - bob Jackson and the rest of the council need to have the guts to realise they messed up and reverse this particular change
  8. Good on the opposition councillor for speaking some common sense - as all the sensible posts on here have said it isn't that cycle lanes are a bad idea it's just that in this location it is completely inappropriate and wrong on the city main arterial ring road - and that's without pointing out again there was already a cycle lane, a massive pavement that could be partly used and alternate routes through kelham. Time for SCC and councillor Johnson to have the guts to admit this was plain wrong and change it back
  9. Issue here is there was already a cycle lane and a 20ft wide pavement to the left of the now additional (hopefully temporary) cycle lane - still I'm sure the one cyclist an hour that use it will be pleased and can smile at the hundreds of car drivers stuck in the never ending congestion although guess they wont enjoy the additional pollutant from crawling along cars - that's without mentioning all the money now wasted on improving the ring road recently that has been rendered useless at a stroke by the numptys at SCC . I'm all for cycle lanes where they make sense but the one at shalesmoor is plain daft
  10. Another crass idea from Sheffield council - finally complete some road changes then put barriers up to close it off for at best 10 cyclists an hour and cause absolute chaos - brilliant not
  11. no issue at all paying by card - infact contactless is good for me on many occasions - what i object to is not having the choice what method i can pay with - still i suppose i do have a choice - just dont go to places that are card only - tbh gardeners rest pub next door has far better beer than cutlery works and is half the price!
  12. bit annoyed re a number of places in kelham island going card payments only - heaven help them when the card machines or links to banks/visa/mastercard go down - anyone know of places that still take good old cash down there?
  13. agree its fantastic news - good luck to the new owners - will definitely be going in - lets try and support them by doing the same
  14. thanks for organising a great event - excellent day - role on 2019 event
  15. anyone who thinks the numbers of people begging on the streets of Sheffield hasnt increased alarmingly over the past 12-18 months must be mad - the city centre is overrun with them - police need to act and quickly - i agree that anyone wanting to help and i include myself should only give to registered charities or organisations helping the genuine homelessness. the vast vast majority are in no way homeless and are doing it to feed drugs and alcohol habits or being 'pimped' - sorry but thats the reality!
  16. was in the Bath Hotel last night and they said they will have 3 days of music over the weekend - details to be announced soon
  17. Dont forget Sheffield station has the Sheffield Tap (fantastic pub in the old waiting rooms) - it must enhance the station appeal surely
  18. lots of great pubs on west st and nearby for all ages - bath hotel, red deer, devonshire cat, frog and parrot, devonshire plus Sheff University have a beer festival on all May BH weekend (open to all) - then there is kelham island area with loads of real ale bars and some trendy restaurants/bars (shakespeares, bar stewards, three tuns, kelham island tav, riverside, fat cat, harlequin, inc bar, ship inn) then city centre - head of steam, spoons, museum, leopold square bars, bessemer) - in fact dozens to go at! Enjoy
  19. -was in town all evening and no sign of a single gritter all night - poor effort sheffield council
  20. anyone still having problems with deliveries - seems to be every other day at moment for me in S13 (beaver hill rd area)
  21. i have called in with the wifey and i liked the real ale choice (excellent) and she liked the fresh flowers on the bar and on tables - yes a bit weird decor but give it a chance guys - it is definitely worth calling in on the town circuit - dont talk it down before you have been in !
  22. some people were back working on this on Thursday but to be honest it looks a million miles away from being ready - cant see it before next summer being honest at the slow pace they are moving at - not sure what the slowness is down to - money issues?
  23. enjoyed many fringe events - bath hotel, frog and parrot, shakies and Cads friday plus the moor, everly pregnant brothers (wow what a crowd in the rain at fat cat) and then leopold square saturday. didnt make any sunday but would agree a great buzz in the city and long may it continue!
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