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  1. It looked like a statement to me but fair enough it's just your opinion not something you know or factual in any way .
  2. And how do you know this?. To be really honest and as fair as I can be this is the most ridiculous post I have seen on here for a long time, please feel free to educate me on your conclusion.
  3. Who are you talking about Corky?
  4. If United go up it will be because they are better than last season not because the competition is worse and as for comment about Wednesdays league I was just giving you an educated opinion on how all leagues work out sometimes, teams improve a deteriorate in every league. too much tinted glasses with some people on here, as a matter of fact United should have been well enough equipped to get out of this league every season but they weren't. That's a honest opinion. Not someone getting excuses in early just because they are doing well at the moment.
  5. Who were a bigger team than Wednesday a few seasons ago when they finished 16th in this league?.
  6. As another poster had also said that doesn't only apply to this league it seems very hypocritical on here sometimes like when Wednesday earned a hard fought draw against a decent team who were second bottom but United slaughter a second bottom team and it's just to be expected. The top teams are there through merit Bristol for example a team improving ecery year as Burton did last season. As I said third tier football is poor but no poorer this season just because teams have improved on last season's performances. in fact that would indicate the contrary
  7. Third tier football is a poor league any season that's why it's third tier.
  8. I wouldn't consider Mandaric a football chairman he was in it purely for the money and even said as much himself.
  9. Barnsley 0 - 2 Bristol City. Derby 2 - 0 Wednesday. Ipswich 1 - 2 Rotherham. Charlton 2 - 1 Chesterfield. United 4 - 0 MK Dons. Doncaster 2 - 0 Wycombe.
  10. The Spar is cordoned off and someone says there's a suspected gas leak.
  11. One game at a time for me, these days the strength of squads depends to much on loan players and it can all come tumbling down if their parent club has a change of heart. It's happened to us before, didn't it happen with Kyle Walker? clubs have clauses where they can have them back early.
  12. Play offs didn't work out too well for Wednesday either last season.
  13. Clough didn't play the long ball game. Loads of teams have used it in the past most successful was Arsenal, my first memory of it was Wednesday with a lone Curran up front and didn't do it with a player called Wylde or something similar?, I may be wrong with the name but the long ball was there. Perhaps people who actually go and see it have a more accurate opinion. Much has been written about the long ball and pressing style of soccer that Jack Charlton employed during his time as manager of the Republic of Ireland. Members of the media, most notably TV soccer pundits Eamon Dunphy and Johnny Giles, were particularly critical of Charlton's football philosophy. They have always maintained that given the talent within the Irish squad during his tenure as manager of Ireland he did not need to use the long ball tactics that he invariably employed.
  14. If Wednesday do end up going up as looking possible now that they have got a great manager who knows how to win.Cleared the crap out. And most importantly WINNING. Which team do you think will go up automatic with the Owls?. To me I would say Norwich as they play good football and will only get better.
  15. We've had quite a few promotions between us but titles have evaded us. United have even managed a promotion to the premier league.
  16. How many on here remember it I wonder Samsong probably and maybe a handful.
  17. The only league title in this city in living memory maybe we will see one in a higher league in our lifetime but not as yet.
  18. Maybe not but it still stands as a fact no Sheffield club has done it any higher in living memory.
  19. I used to fish Dam Flask years ago for the Bream and it was very hard work.
  20. The only league title in living memory for this city.
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