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  1. I've asked previously about the situation with FF but the subject seems off limits, there's obviously something not right. The games sounds as though it was well below par the best thing is to put it down to a bad day at the office and move on.
  2. Thanks for starting the thread Green Fella there's been a bit of demand for it over the last couple of days.. Anyway as far as the game goes of course we'd like to win it but on the other hand its no biggie if we don't. If we win the size of the crowd will be the main topic from some and if we lose it will be our bubble has burst. All good fun in the end at least Orient aren't a bogey team and their manager isn't a jinx so you never know we might just scrape through to the next round. .
  3. :hihi::hihi:. Ipswich just managed to scrape a draw at home against Rotherham last week so there will be no excuses for anything but a win for Wednesday.
  4. Burton 0- 1 Barnsley. Rotherham 2 - 0 Preston. Sheff Wed 0 - 2 Ipswich. Colchester 1 - 0 Chesterfield. Oldham 0- 2 Doncaster. Sheff Utd 4 - 0 Leyton Orient
  5. The season Wednesday got relegated.
  6. I've thought about that one before and think it would only go to help strikers who already try anything underhanded they can to get a penalty. Just flick the ball up onto his arm and away we go.
  7. Oh really.:huh:. In that case in was never a penalty in a million years.:hihi:.
  8. The ball did definitely hit him as opposed to it being deliberate I don't think anyone could argue with that [but they probably will, :hihi:]. As for the exact rules on it I don't know.
  9. It just goes to show what a difference a new manager can make to a player. http://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-united/sheffield-united-what-nigel-adkins-kept-telling-me-was-bulls-t-says-stefan-scougall-1-8214603
  10. By his own admissions he bought Wednesday purely to make a profit, I would describe him as a profiteer who makes money out of poorly run football clubs.
  11. Even Neil Warnock would have moved on by now.:hihi:. There have been and will be plenty of occasions when decisions go your way when maybe they shouldn't. People making out it was the cause of the loss want to look at the rest of the game and the fact that the penalty if given may not have been scored. As for it being the worst decision this season I'm sure there will be plenty of equal merit during the course of this season. ball hits hand ref says it isn't a penalty, I've seen it countless times over the years and will no doubt see plenty more.
  12. At least it's better than them doing during shopping hours. Have you seen in the star about a bloke who went into Wilkinson, cut his big toe off and ate it?. Corn on the toe that's a new one.
  13. A funny thing about John Ritchie's goal scoring record is he had a decent few against Wednesday including a hat trick in one game and four in another. He is a legend of Stoke City.
  14. Wednesday are the only top six team they have won against up to now and yes their defensive record is still intact, I expect them to climb the table under their new manager. Wigan have also got a better defensive record than seven of the top eight clubs and are third from bottom.
  15. Lido Lazgrad 0 Arsenal 3. Besiktas 0 Napoli 2. Borussia 0 Celtic 0. Man City 2 Barca 1. Bristol 2 Fleetwood 0. Coventry 0 Chesterfield 2.
  16. Let's just forget penalty appeal for a second, Wednesday still let two goals past them to the leagues lowest scoring team.
  17. I honestly think it will come good for Wednesday and they are only s few goals short of having a good shot at promotion. I know people don't like it when he is mentioned but what was Forestieri's goal tally at this stage last season?. He is very quiet this season up to know.
  18. It's unfortunate when it happens but as the old saying goes it will probably even itself out over the course of the season, wether that proves true or not I don't know. Sometimes it goes your way sometimes it doesn't and this week I'm sure the Derby fans will have no complaints.
  19. I'm also away today but glad to see today's Sheffield double and at least one of my opinions on the prediction thread proving to be a fact .
  20. I'll leave it with you pal you're obviously very busy and I csn see where this nonsense will end up.
  21. Define stupid. 2-0 to Derby, what's the score on fouls?.
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