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  1. Well you might be able to put it right next game Fulham have one of the worst home records in the league and then Wolves who are one of the few teams worse than them at home up to now this season.
  2. Pudil saying the fans expectations are too high after the fans were booing them off when they lost at home was a ridiculous statement. What does he think they pay those high ticket prices for?.
  3. Forestieri will never leave Wednesday he loves the club and wants to end his career there.
  4. I thought he was on a four year contract with Wednesday..
  5. I remember Leeds refusing to pay the high wages of Buckley if that's the one you are speaking of, is he still at Hillsborough?.
  6. Not much to say really apart rom let's hope we can keep up the good work. Better than last season and going in the right direction. AWAW.
  7. The loss to Charlton this time last season ended an eleven game unbeaten run for Wednesday their form has been a lot more patchy this season losing back to back games for the second time which only happened once last season at the beginning of last season. It is however true that there's not much difference in league position and as I said before in my opinion the next three or four games will give us a better picture of which way they are going. No need to panic yet they are near enough half way to league safety already.
  8. Fans booing the team is always a hint that things aren't all hunky-dory. the manager singling out players, players saying the fans expect too much, etc etc, obvious signs of disharmony. I do though believe these are only cracks that can be overcome and Wednesday could turn it round.
  9. Bolton v The Blades in the next round of the FA cup, two of the biggest teams in it go head to head. I can remember going there for a cup tie not long ago.
  10. And if you read my reply it says unlikely not impossible.. Anyhow let's just leave it there, choose what I post on here I'm sure you'll find a reason to disagree it's becoming a regular event. Post anything you like in reply I shan't respond anymore it's pointless.
  11. Of course it can be done but that wasn't what was said in contradiction to my opinion, if Wednesday lost the next three games making it five in total do you seriously think it a possibility that they could then go on to win ten in a row in the Championship? It's never been done and is highly unlikely to ever happen is all I have said. Just stand back from the fact that we support different teams and look at it with a bit of common sense. Like I said earlier it doesn't matter what I post on here some people will just disagree for the sake of it. ---------- Post added 07-11-2016 at 16:44 ---------- Unbeaten and ten wins in a row are completely different, no need to search for it I'll tell you now it has not happened in the Championship.
  12. Not wanting to get involved with you two but where is your recent example of a team in the Championship losing five in a row and then winning the next ten?. which is what I said is very unlikely to happen and you have given no example to the contrary.
  13. Of course it can and it's all about opinions and common sense and I think Wednesday are well capable of doing well in their next four games three of which are away and by that time we'll have a better picture of how things are likely to shape out. It doesn't matter what I post on here where some people are concerned it will always be wrong.:hihi:.
  14. When was the last time a team has lost five games in a row in the Championship and then won the next 10?, highly unlikely in my opinion.
  15. Ball number one in tonights FA Cup draw.
  16. Interesting articles in the star today Carlos is putting it down to Forestieri and Pudil says the fans expect too much. Carlos. http://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-carlos-carvalhal-waits-and-hopes-for-fernando-forestieri-to-come-good-1-8221762 Pudil. http://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-fans-are-expecting-too-much-says-owls-defender-1-8222296
  17. One win from fifth position and one loss from fifteenth it's in the balance at the moment and the next three games are very important, I think after that we'll have a better picture of how the season is going to shape out.
  18. I think that Wednesday have already got a deal sorted for him. The time of pacifying the fans that he's not leaving has now past they have had enough of this saga.
  19. Another Sheffield double long may they continue.
  20. Hahahaha, please read post nine on this thread and then tell me I can't read youlot like a book. Well done Blades second string by the way
  21. It was also said that Palace bid £12m for him and then a straight swap for Rhodes was bandied about, all speculation of course until anything happens but that'd all we can do on here and go by the information given us.
  22. I think the signs are there that FF may leave but think others valuation of him nay have decreased from when Derby put a bid in. Your home record lately is quite good before yesterday wasn't it four wins out of the last five? Thanks for your honest assessment by the way it give us who weren't there a clearer picture.
  23. Maradona was the one that got away but we would only have sold him for a profit anyway. Who was that French bloke who Wednesday weren't sure was any good on grass?, old age setting in I just can't think of his name but didn't he go on to do reasonably well elsewhere?.
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