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  1. :roll::roll:' Wrong game. More Grimsby fans than Blades in that 29.
  2. I don't go on Owlstalk or Bladestalk to be honest 90% of those places just have people who know nowt but making out they're in the know. A bit like the rumours threads on here.:hihi:.
  3. Yes Derek was stabbed in Turnups but I think one of the Cerones was kill by being hit over the head by someone called Shepherd who got six years for manslaughter.
  4. I completely agree just read how sensibly things are being discussed by posters from both sides. The only danger is if you try to put a bit of humour in and it's defined as fishing or baiting by some posters for reasons only known to them. I did start a thread "miracles do happen" aimed at having a laugh at us [united] and promotion I'm sure no Blades consider that fishing, baiting or having a dig but if I had a joke about the Owls in the same way all hell would break loose. Anyway enough of the negative stuff and well done to all the adult posters who take things for what they are. AWAW.
  5. It's all there in the link Sam the 7-1 was before that.
  6. So as I said financially it will be a lot harder with less income.
  7. This is a big season for the Wednesday owners ambition for the club, if they don't go up this season it will be a lot harder on him financially next season. A lot of fans took the three year season ticket option up and that will reflect on next seasons revenues unless they can think of another way of getting the fans to part with more money. Promotion this season for the Anniversary would solve all those possible problems and give the owner the result he targeted when he bought the club.
  8. Wednesday again a 1-1 draw in the Ldv.
  9. The last time Wednesday played them they lost 2-0. http://www.statto.com/football/teams/grimsby-town/sheffield-wednesday/head-to-head
  10. This is the one I am quoting it seems there must be a few interviews but basically to the same end. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/31693775
  11. He said he wanted them in the premier within two years in time for their anniversary. It was the same interview where he said he had no intentions of replacing Stuart Gray so maybe he was just telling a couple of fibs.:hihi:. Anyway to nip this in the bud he didn't actually promise but we all know where you're coming from.
  12. 2-3 now the scorer of our second will be happier he's scored for his own team aswell. Only joking but he has been booked.:hihi:. ---------- Post added 09-11-2016 at 21:31 ---------- 2-4 Clarkey is back.
  13. Not so great it was an own goal.:hihi:.
  14. 1-1 Regan Slater 17 years old. I'm never chuffed to be losing.
  15. Swindon 0 - 2 Charlton. Bradford 1 - 1 Rochdale. Coventry 0 - 2 Scunthorpe. Port Vale 2 - 1 Fleetwood. Exeter 0 - 2 Doncaster. Chesterfield 0 - 4 United.
  16. How many chances will the licensing people give to a company it has repeatedly closed?. Niche was a magnet for violent crime and drug dealing.
  17. The pre season friendly was a sell out but I can't see much interest in this match.
  18. Villa are favourites to sign him anyway. Has he left Rangers?,I thought he had been told to train with the kids.
  19. There's a rumour of them doing a straight swap for Joey Barton.
  20. In the link posted previously from the Star he puts a lot of the blame down to the lack of form of Forestieri claiming if he comes good all will be fine, do you think you are that dependant on one player?.
  21. So true but some don't realise that. This thread by the way is about United and Wednesday and open to everyone to comment. Some people prefer to complain who the posters are rather than what's actually in the post. As one of our great admins once said "attack the post not the poster";). The future is most definitely Red.
  22. :hihi:. I couldn't dream of that ever happening.
  23. Trump the US President. Brexit vote to leave. A mission to Mars. Maybe just maybe Sheffield United can get promoted from division 1. Now now calm down I can see you all laughing but stranger things have happened lately.:hihi::hihi:.
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