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  1. Pretty straightforward for a business of that type http://www.scarboroughgroup.com/ Not a lot to do with Sheffield Football really though similar to Sainsbury's at Crystal peaks selling tinned tuna.
  2. Exactly, I've had it on my bucket list for years but cost and having time are a big part. I had to be committed for three months and the cost was over £1000 just to get my full licence, you really do have to jump through hoops to get one these days.
  3. Who's getting excited? The only over reactions I see here are not from Blades.
  4. It's nothing unique for Blades fans to be honest.
  5. 18pts to be precise and the only thing that was decided that day was the first of two Derby games.
  6. You did beat Wimbledon at home that season but not the Blades.
  7. I found it very hard at first and began to wish I'd never started it but couldn't pack it in as I had already bought a bike, then all of a sudden on a lesson it all seemed to fall into place and within weeks I had passed my mod 1 and mod 2, since then I have had a few rides to Bakewell, Matlock, Clumber park and then one to Skegness, my biggest fear was going onto the A1 but it was no problem and my only negative was that I couldn't feel my arse by the time I got to Dunham bridge.:hihi::hihi:. There were more people over 40 having lessons than people under 40 where I had my lessons and plenty in their 50's.
  8. The start of another Derby double for the Blades,
  9. I'm nearer 60 years old than I am 50 and passed my bike test in August, I have a cruiser motorbike.
  10. What are they going to do that's any different and why didn't they do it in the first place?.
  11. It's only a month since we played them at their place so more of the same will do please and we might as well use the same thread. LOL.
  12. Fulham have a very poor home record with only two wins from eight games but one of them was the first game of the season against Newcastle and the other was against Huddersfield.
  13. He's come through the managerial ranks all the way from Sunday League football, who knows how far he can go?.
  14. Ched Evans had Basham in his pocket in the first half and made it look easy..
  15. CHRIS WILDERS managerial record in last 12 months played 46 ;won 30 :drawn 12: lost 4 !!
  16. Unbeaten in 12 league games the future is looking rosy.
  17. It was probably someone talking to you about it then, anyway I think £7m would be a great price for someone as obviously temperamental as him.
  18. Keep up the good work Blades and take nothing for granted.
  19. I was just going on what you said when I quoted £12m personally I don't believe he's ever been valued anywhere near that.
  20. 26. Do you think the value of FF will be as high as it was in August, for example a £12m bid from Palace.
  21. Wednesday fans on here are highly unlikely to comment on Unted"s current form what with it being excellent,just wait for the first matchthread when we lose to see how the obsession balances up. That's if there's a Blades fan bothered enough to keep count.:hihi:.
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