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  1. Its not a time span to suit me its the time I have been attending games and in that time i've seen more Owls wins, the fact that you might have won a game in 1936 doesnt really interest me, i'll admit your record is slightly better on the whole but.......................


    I agree with you yes we are better on the whole.

  2. Its makes us the most successful between the two. On balance we're ahead due to winning more games. It's all well and good having a one trip wonder in Europe, you did bugger all lol



    I predict we'll be the next Yorkshire side to get into Europe.


    The Future's looking Rosy.

  3. I've been watching the Owls since '79 in that time the record is - 11 Owls wins, 7 Blades wins and 11 draws in all comps.


    United may have the upper hand historically but our recent record is better.


    United have been in front since the 50's I believe.

    Oh and we had more doubles in your time.

  4. Its not relevant or is it...?...I'm confused :help:


    Well it is as relevant to you as much as the thread topic is, you posted as much.

    Leave it anyway unless you really do know what the answer that is I still say it's Spurs.


    ---------- Post added 16-11-2016 at 11:44 ----------


    Anyway enough of the love in let's get back on topic, how many Sheffield Derby doubles has there been?

  5. "Who has said Wednesday being the last team to do the double is irrelevant pal?."


    See post 23...and there's your answer..


    I think that was to irelevant the trophy comment as it was a two part reply to a two part post.

    Anyhow nothing can be relevant unless the thread is itself don't you agree?.


    Who did have the most balloons in the 93 cup semi finl if it wasn't Spurs by the way?.

  6. Aah good ...my favourite poster on here has agreed that my point about who was the last Sheffield team to do the double is relevant...


    Oh and by the way Spurs is the wrong answer...;)


    Who has said Wednesday being the last team to do the double is irrelevant pal?.

    What's the right answer?

    The last Derby double is very relevant especially to owls who have never seen one before, the Blades have seen a few and lead the table for Derby doubles seen so it's nice for owls fans to put one on the board.


    What does confuse me is how a post can be relevant on an "irrelevant thread".

  7. I was there and if he was that bad why didn't you score more goals?


    No Warhurst wasn't a better striker than Hirst, he had a fantastic run after being converted from a CB but fizzled out after moving away from S6.


    He won a Premier league winners medal after leaving Wednesday.

  8. Wow how can you get upset about something that happened 25 years ago it's just part of Sheffield's football "HISTORY"


    Who was the last Sheffield side to win a cup, last Sheffield side to win a playoff final, last sheffield side to win a Sheffield double , last Sheffield side to win automatic promotion & all the above are in the past & maybe part of Sheffield's football " HISTORY "


    I totally agree with all your post every bit of it relevant to the section and Sheffield football:confused: but yet again some people just can't cope with it.


    ---------- Post added 16-11-2016 at 07:36 ----------


    What will be the next Sheffield Football completely irrelevant thread ...who had more balloons at the 1993 FA Cup Semi Final..:hihi:?



    Very good you should go for it.

    I'll go for Spurs.

  9. As the game on the highlights was played in '91 and we got relegated in 2000 I make that nearly a decade :loopy:


    You said after you came third anyway don't you know?.


    ---------- Post added 15-11-2016 at 22:24 ----------


    As Completely irrelevant as this thread ...but it makes you feel better...like


    Sheffield football section.;).

    This thread topic couldn't be any more relevant to that.

  10. The problem with your simple, effective football is that it only really works in the short term hence why the Owls finished 3rd that season and had nearly a decade in the top flight afterwards, whilst uniteds tenure ended in '93.


    What is it with owls and their "nearly/almost" comments?.

    Earlier we had "almost 20 years" it was 18 and now we have "nearly a decade afterwards" which was 8.

    Why not put over 16 or over 6 it's just as accurate?.:hihi::hihi:.

  11. My bad, Colin Morris-Chris Morris was a far superior Wednesday utility man who had a good career with Celtic, Middlesborough and Eire!


    Are you sure this time.:hihi::hihi:.

    He was better with the Cornish pasties was old Chris.

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