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  1. I agree with you yes we are better on the whole.
  2. I can live with our record in the Sheffield Derby games without picking timespans to suit me, the fact is United have the better record in Wins, Double and highest score.
  3. United have been in front since the 50's I believe. Oh and we had more doubles in your time.
  4. The lad who was murdered was called Turner and I think the killer was called Bellamy.
  5. You're right the Blades have won considerably more.
  6. Some has just told me there has been 16 Derby doubles in Sheffield football between the Blades and Owls.
  7. You are correct please read post 60 and the reason for my post will become clear to you.
  8. This thread does seem to have backfired on the OP somewhat.:hihi:.
  9. Well it is as relevant to you as much as the thread topic is, you posted as much. Leave it anyway unless you really do know what the answer that is I still say it's Spurs. ---------- Post added 16-11-2016 at 11:44 ---------- Anyway enough of the love in let's get back on topic, how many Sheffield Derby doubles has there been?
  10. Come on pal tell your favourite poster, who counted them by the way?.:hihi:.
  11. I think that was to irelevant the trophy comment as it was a two part reply to a two part post. Anyhow nothing can be relevant unless the thread is itself don't you agree?. Who did have the most balloons in the 93 cup semi finl if it wasn't Spurs by the way?.
  12. Thanks Ian I don't go on there so didn't know.
  13. My Dad talks a lot about the England Hungary game at Wembley which we lost I think he says it was our first loss there and Sewell scored. You would have thought the club would have made an announcement about his death.
  14. Who has said Wednesday being the last team to do the double is irrelevant pal?. What's the right answer? The last Derby double is very relevant especially to owls who have never seen one before, the Blades have seen a few and lead the table for Derby doubles seen so it's nice for owls fans to put one on the board. What does confuse me is how a post can be relevant on an "irrelevant thread".
  15. He died a few weeks ago I'm surprised it went un noticed on here.
  16. He won a Premier league winners medal after leaving Wednesday.
  17. I totally agree with all your post every bit of it relevant to the section and Sheffield football:confused: but yet again some people just can't cope with it. ---------- Post added 16-11-2016 at 07:36 ---------- :hihi::hihi:, Very good you should go for it. I'll go for Spurs.
  18. You said after you came third anyway don't you know?. ---------- Post added 15-11-2016 at 22:24 ---------- Sheffield football section.. This thread topic couldn't be any more relevant to that.
  19. What is it with owls and their "nearly/almost" comments?. Earlier we had "almost 20 years" it was 18 and now we have "nearly a decade afterwards" which was 8. Why not put over 16 or over 6 it's just as accurate?.:hihi:.
  20. Jack wouldn't agree with you. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=colin+morriss+footballer&view=detailv2&&id=E81FB6CF3D26E6D7125AC93B7D6E2B8C821BF93E&selectedIndex=1&ccid=uEbfWAWV&simid=608045303085465669&thid=OIP.Mb846df5805952a4dbd03ec082694d888o1&ajaxhist=0
  21. Please tell us how a company doing the business it is supposed to do is to the detriment of Sufc.
  22. Are you sure this time.:hihi:. He was better with the Cornish pasties was old Chris.
  23. You've got me with "Chris Morris":huh:. My memory must be letting me down.
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