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  1. I appreciate that, but I am pretty sure that anyone I choose to go with will not be a psycho killer or criminal. Besides, do psycho killers or criminals use Sheffield Forum that much? Lol I am as much a stranger to them as they are to me and of course, i'd expect we'd meet up for a drink or two before agreeing to spend a couple of weeks sharing a room. Excellent! Would you be safe in a room with me? Apart from bringing ear plugs in case one of us snores, I'm pretty sure i'll be able to keep my secret life of danger underwraps for the majority of a holiday haha
  2. At the end of the day, it's a holiday. Regardless of what someone is like, apart from sharing a room, nothing much would need checking out as providing they pay the fees for the holiday, they have as much to lose as me. It's not like i'm asking for a flatmate, just a holiday buddy so I/we wouldn't have to pay a singles supplement! I am sure there are many people that would like to go on holiday but don't have anyone to go with. The 8 days isn't bad, it's a 2-3 days in each place. I'd love it!
  3. We have just moved from Hoole Street. It's lovely! I really enjoyed living there. Easy access to shops, good transport links on buses and the peaks are on your doorstep. We lived about half way down it and I would have stayed there if my ex partner's mental health hadn't deteriorated. I highly recommend it.
  4. Hi Laura, I have recently lost a lot of my friends through being very involved in a very traumatic and upsetting relationship with someone with very severe mental health issues. If you ever want to meet up for a drink or a chat, you'd always be more than welcome to meet me. I am very friendly and easy going and I understand anxiety and mental health in a deeper way than most. The offer is always there if you'd like to make a new friend.
  5. I am a single person wanting to go on holiday, and every one I look at is a minimum of two people. Having recently split up with my partner, i'm just wanting to get away for some fun and frolics without stress. Most of my friends are either in relationships or can't afford it, so i am looking for someone that fancies a holiday but doesn't have anyone to go with. I've seen an 8 day trip to San Francisco, New York and Vegas with flights and hotels included for £699 along with lots of other exciting destinations around the world and I am pretty chill about where I go. I am happy to hang out with someone on holiday or do totally separate things, it's no worry to me. I am very chilled out and easy going so if you fancy getting away and don't have anyone to go with either, then let's talk :)
  6. Haha! It's a form of perfectly legal squatting I guess. Property Guardians live in houses and buildings across the UK. You can live in Stately Homes, old schools, care homes, hotels or full houses and flats. The idea is that the person that owns the property doesn't want to have it ruined by vandals etc so rather than paying a security company a small fortune to be there constantly and paying to heat the place so it doesn't fall into disrepair, they move in property guardians. We may next to nothing in rent and all bills included and live in these spectacular buildings. In return, the client has a form of income from the property until they figure out what they are doing with it. In some care homes as an example, they are never going to re-open and may stay as a guardianship for a decade etc. It's a win/win for everyone involved, including the building owner. It still has security and monitored CCTV etc but we add extra security and look out for any issues etc. Plus, we live in a shared space with cool, like minded people in interesting buildings around the country. Most guardians I think move in as they can save up most of their wage towards a house deposit or travelling or whatever they want to do. It's a very cheap way of living in very expensive cities. I saw a flat in Camden, London SW1 for £400 a month on a property guardian site the other day. Can't exactly beat that in London! ---------- Post added 19-07-2017 at 08:52 ---------- Not really. I have lived there for nearly 2 weeks now and it's just like home. I have a lovely double ensuite room with all my home comforts, we all use the kitchen and there are other communal areas to use if people wish to. We can access the bar and such but it's mostly off limits to us so I don't go down there. I use one of the private dining rooms as a second sitting room and a storage space. It has a chandelier and a big beautiful marble fireplace so it's a bit grander than big yellow storage lol
  7. The Beauchief is inhabited by myself and some other property guardians currently. We live in the building to ensure that it doesn't go dilapidated and keep it secure. In return, we get to live in an awesome hotel, for very little rent and bills included. It's a bit of a commune type thing. I think the flats have been given planning permission, but it could be years before they need to move us out.
  8. Personally, I get organic turmeric and smear it in a piece of ham and fold it over and give it to the dog. I also then smear some organic cracked black pepper on a piece of ham as well as it makes it much much more potent. Give it a try Organic, cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil is also good. My old dog eats it on its own!
  9. Turmeric and a bioflow magnetic collar have made a great difference to my old staffy with it. She's 13 and still runs around the park after balls! She could hardly move in the evening when I first got her
  10. Does anyone receive care from the West Community Mental Health Team in Shef? Or any other Community Mental Health teams within Sheffield? My gf is having some serious problems with them and wondered what others' experiences of them are/were..? Does anyone know what your rights are with them to protect you if they are causing you mental and physical distress? Please comment if you feel able to do so, if not, please PM me. Thanks in advance!
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