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  1. Has Lily's on Penistone Road been of fire or some thing? Drove passed earlier and all windows boarded up?
  2. Anyone know what was happening or happened this morning? Know the police helicopter and some roads were supposed to have been blocked off by police vehicle's?
  3. Does any one know of anywhere that is currently doing eye tests? Know its a long shot but wondered if any if the small independent ones are still doing them? Thanks Mark
  4. Please avoid police have blocked off the road near the bridge near Herries Rd also road coming from Halifax road past radio Hallam is blocked at the end. Please find alternate route
  5. Well said! Everybody is always so quick too judge remember 1 in 4 people are said to have mental health problem/illness etc
  6. I work on the psychiatric wards at the northern and sure patients would love these
  7. Does anyone know what happened last night on catch bar lane armed police were there but still no update on star website. See link below http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/watch-armed-police-swoop-on-car-stopped-in-middle-of-sheffield-street-1-8805541
  8. Am wanting to try and find a christene hope who lived at hackenthorpe with her husband Peter. They had two children and christene worked at bents green school and her husband was in a band. They would be approximately 55-65 years old. Please can anyone who can help me inbox me I am wanting to contact them as they were so much a part of who I am today and thought to let them know after all these years they are still thought of and want to thank them for all they did for me years ago
  9. Southey green road is blocked off near the coop just after the roundabout. Not sure what's happened but thought would let people know
  10. Where are the best exchange rates in Sheffield? Or has anyone got any for sale am after about £300-£400 worth thanks but if anyone has got any for sale in lesser amount please inbox me
  11. Does anyone know anywhere in Sheffield that can make up some show number plates (not standard spacing)? And yes before people say I know they are illegal to be used on public toads etc these are for another purpose etc. Inbox me if you can do them or know where does thanks
  12. Hi does anyone know what the reason for the red arrow shaped balloons being handed out/given away today are about? Thanks
  13. A while ago I bought some Autosmart Berry Blast air fresheners from someone off here who lived in the wincobank/lower shiregreen area. Can you contact me please via pm as would like to purchase some more from you. Thank Mark
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