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  1. Wanted garden roses...can collect...
  2. Found Chihuahua today in s5 area anyone looking for one if the owner can’t be found I will take him down to the rspca
  3. DRONE’S don’t own one only army got them...aircrafts don’t own one of them can’t afford one so I got a glider (toy) and I fly where I want never been stopped..it’s a hobby
  4. They is a rc club up they most day and been they for years...drones gliders...but I’m ok I fly a Quadcopter.......army fly drone
  5. Yeah I hear they is club they..but I don’t go to the club.. I just pull up anywhere up they and flie FPV sat on a hill ---------- Post added 17-03-2018 at 17:59 ---------- Yes snow up here was up They this morining with my gliders
  6. I go up ringinglow with gliders and with the inspire and mavic pro
  7. McQueens Drop milk off at midnight ready for morining
  8. I use McQueens he drops my milk off at midnight ready for the next day
  9. Hi....anybody on here suffer from fibromyalgia/CFS and taking cannabis oil for pain relief and works for them
  10. I've seen the bikes they are dumped all over batemoor and jordanthorpe
  11. Use to be one down firthpark in 80s he was called wozel haha
  12. help.needed they is a cat comes in my garden spraying All over how can I stop this been to the house where it live but the owners are not intersted what ever I say so what can I do
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