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  1. I tried white vinegar diluted with water sprayed everywhere. It just made the place smell of vinegar. 😪 After that I Erazer Ant Powder and that worked a treat.
  2. I tried lots of solutions. The one that worked was putting Erazer Ant Powder down where they were walking around the skirting boards and doors. All gone within 24 hours. I got it from Homebase.
  3. I watched it this morning. Some of the Trump stuff is quite near the mark, a joke about wanting Corona Virus at the White house is very timely. The best jokes are about Prince Harry, some crackers there.
  4. X-Plane 11 has an add on called TrueEarth Great Britain Central from an Australian company called ORBX. The detail of Sheffield is quite remarkable. See a demo video here
  5. Just Trains has just released the route from Sheffield to Derby. I think it is excellent. Take a look at the video I have made below. I have named the bridges so you can know whereabouts in Sheffield you are. I only go as far as Dronfield Station. What do you think of the detail? https://youtu.be/fOkfKfTqNcM
  6. I could never do anything like that. I could never live with myself afterwards.
  7. Dormer left Summerfield Street in 1991. It went to two sites, one at Holbrook and one at Worksop. The Holbrook site closed in 2002 with some people going to Worksop. Manufacturing at Worksop ended in 2008, with the Sales and R&D moving to the Advanced Manufacturing Park at Catcliffe. R&D split with Sales and joined Sandvik Coromant in 2011. The sales function left Catcliffe for its current location at Barlborough in 2014.
  8. yeah Mule on IPad brilliant
  9. I saw the council cleaning the drains there this morning.
  10. Her family will never have a good Christmas again, my heart goes out to them.
  11. I went to Morrisons at Halfway today and while using the automatic tills I request £30 cash back. Like a numpty I left it in the machine. Some honest kind soul handed it in to customer services. I did ask if they could tell me who had done this but they had left. So, if it was you reading this, thank you so much. I really appreciate your honesty.
  12. I have had every Xbox and Every PlayStation. I have both Xbox One and PS4. The Xbox is used every day, the PS4 very rarely. Why? Although the hardware is better on PS4, the games I want to play are on Xbox. I prefer the XB controller. XB Live is still so much better than PS.
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