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  1. Alan- thanks for your reply. I looked you guys up and you sound pretty good!! Looking at your backgrounds you sound pretty professional to me! I’m up for meeting up and seeing how we get on if you are. However, it’s probably only fair to let you know my own situation. Whilst I’m keen to play and do stuff, I do have a full time job and very young family to support so my ability to practice and gig is limited. I could do once a week for practice and a gig every month but that’s probably about it. Let me know what you think. If you think this is a non- starter then no worries. Best wishes Paul
  2. I am a 47 year old keyboard player who up until recently was in a blues/rock cover band which just folded. I am looking to start a new band and am looking for drummer, bass player, lead & rhythm guitar/ vocals. I am wanting to practice every other week and do approximately 10-12 gigs a year. I guess I’d say I was pub band sort of standard. I can sing a bit but wouldn’t say I was lead main singer material but can do the odd one or so. The kind ofstuff I did in the other band was: Stereophonic- Dakota The Eagles- Already Gone Dr Feelgood- Everbodys carrying a gun Kt tunstall- Black Horse & Cherry tree Robert Cray- Right Next Door JJ cale- Lies Proud Mary- Credence In other words, a right mix! Would like to do stuff like Tempted by Squeeze but equally up for Stone Roses, Oasis & Pulp. I guess I’m looking for like-minded guys or gals of a similar vintage who are up for taking it a bit seriously but not too much and are up for doing a few gigs in pubs/ parties etc where we can. If you’re up for that, please get in touch.
  3. We are a band of 40 somethings based mainly in Sheffield called The Seldom Seen Blues Band. We are looking for a new drummer as our previous drummer has emigrated to Australia (we don't think it was to get away from us:)) We play mainly covers but one or two originals - blues and rock n roll mainly - JJ Cale, early Fleetwood mac, Stereophonics. We would like to gig semi-regularly and have done a few gigs in pubs and at beer festivals over the last year or two. We practice at The Practice in Sheffield and have our own PA. Drop me a line if you're interested in getting together for a jam/practice.
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