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  1. Hi, I'm part of a team organising an annual sports tournament between different universities' dental societies, which is going to be in Sheffield this year. Trying to get a list of potential venues together to compare prices, facilities, etc and was wondering if anyone had any ideas? At a minimum it needs to have a suitable indoor area for the 'trade fair' our sponsors put on, an AstroTurf pitch for hockey, a suitable grass or astro area for football, and an outdoor court or sports hall for netball. It would also need to be able to accommodate 1200-1500 players/spectators (not all indoors at once obviously!) and the closer to Sheffield city centre the better. Already had the knockback from Newfield School and Abbeydale Sports Centre; waiting on a response from Fir Vale School, Sheffield Park Academy and Concorde. Thanks!
  2. Just got a new job where I'll be starting at 6am some days and the earliest bus I can catch is the 120, which should get me there 10 minutes before I start. Should I be OK, or is this an unreliable service?
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