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  1. Hi owethemnowt can I request a copy of your detailed diet plan, exercise regime and lifestyle choices? I just want to make sure you're doing everything correct so I can decide whether or not I'd be ok with you getting medical help at any point in your life. Cheers.
  2. Way to miss the point there. The poster was insinuating that Angela Smith didn't do her duty by abstaining. Fair point. I think they should all vote whichever way, that's what they're there for But then in the next breath started saying they couldn't vote for someone like that and bigging up the 'kips as if they're a beacon of virtue in this respect. The 'kips who had a many a chance to vote and didn't.
  3. How do you feel about UKIPs MEPs voting records? Bit of a waste yeah?
  4. And I think you're very presumptuous to think I've not been critical of our relationship with America in the past.
  5. Or maybe they should show that it's not ok for our Prime Minister to cosy up to a President like this and cheapen the values of this country.
  6. Yeeeah JPeters, the fact that you won't judge fascists or the KKK says a fair bit about you.
  7. Ha ha ha, wow are you being serious? Do you think fascists got a bad rap during WW2? Fascists have acted and are rightly deserving of universal loathing. That example of yours is laughable when used to promote tolerance of fascists.
  8. Wow are you really saying that we should be tolerant of fascists? ---------- Post added 01-01-2017 at 15:14 ---------- And another. That's two people on this thread saying we should cut fascists some slack. Stay classy Sheffield forum.
  9. Go on then what did you mean. Bet you can't defend it without sounding racist.
  10. Can you elaborate on what you mean by the bit I've just highlighted. Sounds like you've said something pretty ignorant, but maybe I've got the wrong end of the stick.
  11. No former persona I signed up just prior to the referendum. Your posts were made during this time. I understand the point you're making. Hopefully you see my point that generalising remain voters as all being financially secure, middle class, latte drinkers is also misleading. Glad you put the winking emoji after that socialist education bit. I almost thought you meant it.
  12. Tbf you've written posts on here in the past generalising remainers as middle class leftie luvvies who haven't been affected financially by migrants. You once said that most brexiters have probably had their wages kept down by migration. It's not a great leap then to suggest that you think that remainers are generally financially better off than brexiters. Doesn't do anyone - and I include myself in this as I'm guilty of it too - any good to generalise.
  13. Give over with the 'elite' tag it's lazy. It's the non-pc crowds version of a lefty liberal shouting 'racist' at everything. Anyway, yeah people that say daft and hateful stuff should be held to account. You can have these debates about migration etc without resorting to the sort of vile guff that get spouted. Politicians are in a position of responsibility and influence so rightly should be more careful about what they say. Freedom to say what you want is one thing, but when it is isolates and hurts others it's not as noble as you think it is.
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