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  1. I don't use the forum anymore, and haven't done for some time, but I felt compelled to comment on this thread after I heard of John's passing. John was a gentleman. I could wax lyrical all day about some of his qualities, but they'd probably not come as any surprise to those of you have met or had dealings with him. Suffice to say that the world will be a slightly sadder place without him. I once read somewhere that someone is only truly gone when they are forgotten - and to live on in the hearts and minds of those left behind is to live forever. Well I'll never forget you, John! Or the sound, life-changing advice you gave to me, for which I shall always be grateful. Stagey X
  2. TBH Edna, I rarely spend any time here these days. If you want to organise something, be my guest. x
  3. Hi Oldskater, They were two very similar threads with virtually identical thread titles and have just been merged to prevent a build up of threads all asking the same question. As a former Moderator on the main forum I'm all too aware of how these things can end up if they're not kept tidy. Anyway, let's not deviate off topic - otherwise I'll have to tell myself off.
  4. GL Note: Similar threads merged. Please do a search before starting new threads. Thanks
  5. I think you need to move with the times, love. If you still think Gaga is a man, then you clearly need help.
  6. Tabitha, I really enjoyed looking through that group! Isn't it wonderful how people love their vans - and how much you can actually do with them? Some stunning Airstream pics.
  7. To get back onto topic - there's a link to a mobile knife sharpening company here. I haven't used them personally, but if anyone has then could you please let us know how you fared?
  8. I can confirm that ET 1 is the registration plate for the Mayoral car.
  9. Except it wasn't about simply being in a wheelchair, was it? It was about being a tetraplegic with a total loss of feeling in all his limbs and torso. The only body part that Jackson could move was his head. There's a huge difference! I don't think any of us (even the wheelchair users) can even begin to understand how this would feel unless they're in that situation themselves. As for the episode in question, I thought it was handled beautifully. Pauline Quirke, as usual, delivered on all fronts. It's a pity she's going to be leaving the show.
  10. I don't know about him wanting a break, you need to get rid - completely! Based on what you've said, this guy is a complete joke! And take note, not ONE person seems to disagree. Get rid, give yourself time to heal and then seek to find someone who appreciates you and everything that you are. A good relationship should compliment your life, not complicate it.
  11. Nail. Head. Whereas you just come across as plain nasty. Criticism often tells us far more about the critic than it does about the criticized.
  12. The Role of Mayor is apolitical, but that doesn't mean that people always stick to the rules. While in council chambers last week for the inauguration of our Mayor there was a verbal attack on the outgoing Labour Mayor by a conservative Councillor. Fortunately the incoming Labour Mayor dealt with it beautifully and it was put to bed pretty quickly. My thoughts are that the validity of points raised notwithstanding, as a Councillor, there is a correct time and place to air your political issues. It is not during the inauguration process of the incoming Mayor. All the Conservative Councillor did in this instance was to make himself look churlish and disrespectful - but then again criticism often reveals far more about the critic than it does about the criticized. During the Mayor's Church service and procession through the centre, there were Councillors present from all parties - and also same again at the formal banquet in the evening. The Conservative contingent applauded the incoming Labour Mayor at the appropriate time - as well they should. Anything else is, again, just churlish and disrespectful. Regardless of what our political beliefs are - there are occasions when it's appropriate to just simply put them down for a while.
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