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  1. http://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/ELS/107146
  2. I've seen a BMW i8 driving around, there is also one on display at the BMW garage on west bar BMW i8
  3. well all the people who spent the last 3 weeks slagging it off look thoroughly stupid now. Great event and everybody is talking about sheffield, hopefully this will translate into visitors. I don't think this will bring people to Sheffield on it's own though, we need to bring people in for other events.
  4. It was the first IKEA in the UK, i'm not saying that IKEA isn't popular nay more but it definitely won't be as busy as warrington was when it first opened
  5. I used to drive on that section every day for work, thank god we moved offices. You really do stop at 5 or 6 sets of lights between the parkway and shalesmoor. And you have to stop at them all, they're never on green, so frustrating
  6. it was thermostat both times on mine. but as I said, they won't replace that, the whole thing comes out
  7. I have had my electric shower replaced twice in the last few years (under insurance thankfully) They won't replace a part they'll have to replace the whole thing as seems to be the done thing these days.
  8. It is very noticeable as you're coming down the parkway isn't it? I'm pretty sure this will go with the rest of the building though, I think you can see a doorway or opening at the top but I'm not sure what it actually is
  9. the quality of that press shot is a joke
  10. no one on sheffieldforum it seems, most people aren't bothered either way
  11. here we go bash park hill again. You seriously think hype park looks better? If I could afford it and if I didn't have 2 young children I would love to live there. I think they look great
  12. It's the time limit rather than the 40p. I went to hillsborough park with the kids one sunday and there was a traffic warden patrolling the car park (on a sunday, sheesh!). I had to run back to the car as I lost track of time to go and put another ticket on. We already pay for these parks with our council tax, why shouldn't people park for free if they can? I agree it's only a matter of time before double yellows are introduced.
  13. where there's blame there's a claim! what are you hoping to get out of this? an apology? you've already had one so the only reason left to be complaining is you feel you need to be compensated in some way. Why are you bringing your child into it? do you really think people will feel sorry for you because you had to explain that you had your wingmirror clipped to your child? they probably weren't even bothered by it they probably just wanted to know why you had to get out of the car and talk to someone? some people on here astound me get. a. grip.
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