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  1. Now that's dedication. I've also been impressed with my Hermes, Amazon, and DPD deliveries all year.
  2. Merry Christmas everyone, however you may celebrate it this year. It's going to be very different and very difficult for some. I'll raise a glass in memory of Bob, and think of the many people facing difficult times. Remember, please, if you're feeling unable to cope, please get in touch with one or more of the local and national organisations mentioned subsequently in this thread. Stay safe and warm.xxx
  3. I'd like to say Hi to John Burkhill from Sheffield Forummers and thank him for his lovely heartwarming message for Sheffielders this Christmas as reported in the Star. The Star: Sheffield's 'man with the pram' John Burkhill issues heartfelt message to city after year like no other. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/people/sheffields-man-pram-john-burkhill-issues-heartfelt-message-city-after-year-no-other-3073309 We look forward to seeing you again next year, and help you raise your target. Merry Christmas you legend and stay safe. 😘 xxx
  4. This sounds like a terrible crime. All the more shocking because of the age of the suspected perpetrators. I hope the police have the right people and they are made aware of the impact on their victim's life forever and justice is served.
  5. Wow. Looks amazing. Great idea for a thread.
  6. Some beautiful photos to lift the spirits here. Please keep them coming.
  7. There's something very compelling that makes you keep on watching but really, it's nothing very memorable, is it? 6/10
  8. Finally got the chance to watch the highly acclaimed, Moonlight, last night. I was completely blown away. It was not what I was expecting at all. I thought it was an amazing, moving film. I haven't cried so much since I watched Artificial Intelligence. I thought the actor playing the main character's second phase was mind-blowing. If you get the chance, please do watch this masterpiece but have the tissues handy. It's one of those rare films that you know will touch and change you, forever. I give it a deserved 10, although I would have liked to see the ending played out a little further. Yes, great film. The actor playing the main character is brilliant. Seen him in a few things of late. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of him.
  9. Thinking of Bob at the moment, and also of the many others who might be struggling in the run up to Christmas time. This year it's going to be very different for a lot of us. For some, that may lessen the pressure and potential family tensions but I suspect, sadly, there will be more people than ever feeling isolated, lonely and anxious this Christmas. Please remember that help is always at hand. There has been several numbers and organisations posted in this thread. Your GP surgery, also, should be aware of how you are feeling, and always get back in touch with them if you feel that you're not getting the support you need. Remember that however dark days might seem now, that this is only a temporary state of mind and you will experience a time, soon, when you will feel better and find it much easier to cope. Try to do some of the things you used to enjoy before you started feeling this way. There's a lot more people out there than you think who care for you, are waiting to help you, and are rooting for you.
  10. Yes, which is what I always do. And then when I came back to find the ticket, the semi hidden, totally unnoticeable unless you knew it was there, sign was pointed out to me by someone who had seen loads of drivers fall victim to it.
  11. I'm disappointed to read this. I normally buy from Argos and Currys if I can get the product I want from there and it's priced reasonably. This is because I have been extremely impressed with their aftersales service and guarantees. I've had a laptop screen broken and Currys were excellent and timely in resolving this. It came back like a new laptop. I've had them out for a few kitchen appliances and they've been very good. They have been world's apart from the appalling service I have received from John Lewis - who I have vowed to never buy from again. So, I hope that this is a lockdown issue and that a better service will resume after lockdown/the pandemic (fingers crossed). That said, I do feel that some businesses are using lockdown/the pandemic as an excuse to deliver services well below par and charge over the odds. I'm sorry to read that you've had this disappointing response, especially when it seems you have been more than fair and patient with them. From posts on here it seems the 'overbooking' excuse may even be policy!
  12. No, I really was. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Would it be so difficult for you to acknowledge the possibility that you might be wrong, just once?
  13. I'm so sorry, Jay. That's very sad news. Bob was a great guy, with a good heart, and I was hoping we might have been able to actually meet some day. I'm shocked and gutted. I got the impression from his posts that he'd got a few other options which he was accessing for support but he obviously needed more. It's not really sunk in yet. I'm very grateful to you for letting us know. Please accept my condolences and please pass them on to your family. God Bless Bob and keep him. As you perfectly put: for anyone reading this who is struggling, please access the help that is available. Sheffield IAPT service: 0114 2264380 Samaritans: 116 123 Sheffield Rethink Helpline: 0808 801 0440 Sheffield's Single Point Access for adults in mental health crisis: 0114 226 3636 If you find IAPT isn't helping, get back to them and tell them, so that they can give you another assessment and get in touch with your GP for further help.
  14. As I've previously stated. After being fleeced, and without appropriate signage, I no longer go to spend my hard-earned there. So there's not a problem.
  15. Hi Bob. Thinking of you. Hope you're ok. If you need to talk, I'm always here. If you don't want to post on the open forum, I'd be happy to get a Direct Message from you. We're all only human and imperfect, and we need one another to get by. You'll find no judgements here, just friends willing you on. Don't feel you need to give us a report on how you're doing, just popping on the thread to say hi, would be great, if you can, because a lot of people are thinking about you and care about you. Stay safe, and we're all wishing you the very best Lex
  16. Thank you for your understanding and empathy. I'm sorry you see fit to jump to conclusions and be unkind.
  17. Yes, I can totally understand you're feeling like that. Thanks for clarifying that.
  18. It's good to know that others have similar thoughts. Thank you for that. Yes, it can sometimes feel a bit daunting to post. I think the rankings might help there because more patience and support would be expected for users that did not post on a regular basis.
  19. Welcome! You've got some boots to fill! I love the forum and commend Geoff and the moderators for their efforts that have brought the forum to what it is and for providing this awesome platform. The moderation team do a fantastic job without which the forum wouldn't exist as it does but there is room for some subtle changes to be made. I do find that users are sometimes treated like petulant children and talked down to by some members of the moderation team, which has put me off from posting as much as I used to. (A classic example of this is can be found in this thread.) I find it very disrespectful. I get no pleasure out of being talked down to, and don't like to see fellow forummers being talked to in this way either. I honestly do appreciate that the moderation team have a tough and often thankless job but there needs to be a minimum level of respect that users should expect. I do think that respectful, constructive criticism of a moderator's actions should be allowed, as a matter of democracy. I can already hear the old trotted out response we've become used to; this is not a democracy, this is a privately owned forum etc but no one is 100% right all the time and there is always room for growth and learning on the job. I would also like to see ways of supporting the moderators, which the like button, I mention later, might facilitate. I find it disrespectful, when someone has made an effort to post and that post is removed without a reason. Then, when you ask why, you get the 'get to helpdesk' response, which takes days and sometimes weeks. It not only smacks of an unwillingness to be transparent but also makes users feel they are not valued or wanted. I appreciate there's a legal angle, and you have to cover yourself, in some instances but to just shut down debate without providing users with a reason just isn't as well tolerated by users anymore. The same for threads of a sensitive nature, like the local child grooming scandal, to name one, are closed for weeks, or simply disappear. Of course, racist posts should be removed, and I do appreciate that such threads, because of this, require intensive moderation but when posters have invested lots of time in a thread, it's disheartening and leads people to look to other platforms. At the same time, it is vital for our community that such crucial, albeit sensitive, issues can be debated here. I also am weary of the 'get to the helpdesk' response anyone gets who raises a genuine issue with moderation decisions, or posts, or is the least bit critical of the forum, even if it's helpful and valid. It stifles valuable constructive criticism. I would like to see the option to browse the classifieds as a whole. I would love the option of being able to like or dislike a post, at the touch of a button. I'd also like to see users ranked for their contributions, and rewarded in some way, maybe given more forum privileges? Or more goes in giveaways/competitions, etc - HotUKDeals is a great example for this. We used to have some wonderful characters on here, that many would visit the forum to hear, but sadly, the forum appeared to undergo a sense of humour bypass a few years ago and light-hearted contributions to a thread disappeared and the wonderfully witty and brilliant authors were sadly directed to the I'm bored... section by the moderation team. The forum has suffered greatly since this happened. The forum needs to get it's sense of humour back. If we can't laugh about what's going on, globally and locally, and sometimes go off on a little tangent for diversion, then it makes for very boring and stale reading, and it's not conducive to good mental health. People need to feel they can read any thread, knowing that someone will add a dust of traditional Northern sarcasm, and make them feel better about the circumstances they find themselves in, now more than ever. Previously, I asked for a dedicated deaths/memorial section. I think this would be of value to local people, especially when the price of announcements in local publications is prohibitive. The forum is a wonderful place, full of wonderful, helpful, charitable people. You've only got to look at the Cv-19 help section to witness this. You have a fantastic asset here, and I look forward to seeing the forum thrive under your ownership.
  20. It's brilliant, isn't it!?! The guy has got great deadpan face and delivery! Haha. My Dad loved that one and used to laugh - and now he's the one with a comb over!
  21. Maybe they could use the billions we're owed for a refund for the Serco test and trace shambles, as a start.
  22. Or park at Bishop's House entrance and a one minute walk through the gate.
  23. Do you think maybe they are scam emails?
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