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  1. At present, phone 111 and let them decide. Hopefully they will have had training on identifying people at risk.
  2. Wow! That was such a brave thing to do. It must have taken a lot of courage to go on Monday, and on your own too. Form filling isn't great either but especially so, given the circumstances you describe. I'm glad you felt comfortable enough to be open about the next of kin form. That must have been difficult. You did well to stay the course and to fight against your instincts afterwards. Taking the initial step is the hardest. The app sounds an interesting idea. I'd not thought about technology being an aid in such ways but it makes sense. It all sounds promising and most of all because you are being so honest with yourself and it sounds like you are being sensible in your approach. Try not to worry about future obstacles, you are moving in the right direction and each day you will become more able to face such challenges, as you grow in strength and determination. That was a massive step. It will be easier next time you go, and the next, and so on. You should feel very proud. 🖐️
  3. According to The Telegraph, we have 2 patients with the virus at the Hallamshire Hospital now. Hope they recover soon.
  4. Hey, I'd never take offence at something like that. No need to apologise, mate. I wasn't too well, so only just saw this.👍 I know you're well-liked on here and sometimes there's just too much to do for long answers for everyone! Fantastic news about your appointment. You've done so much of the hard graft already, you deserve any help anyone can give. Sorry to hear other agencies have not turned out to be a great help up until now. Hope you get the quality of help you so obviously deserve. I'll try to not make it so long before I check in with this thread, was a bit chaotic last week as well! High five, Bob!
  5. There was a student on my course in her 80s. Thank you for the warning. It's disgusting that she's still getting away with it then. She should be in jail.
  6. Well I would like Sheffield to have a Labour Council and I do think, on the whole, they do a decent job but I also think over the years some of our Labour Councillors have become so complacent that they feel they don't have to listen to the public. Graves Park was a great example, the tree fiasco, and Amey are others. Labour has some great, hard-working, Councillors who do listen but Labour also have some who seem to think they have a divine right to their positions and can ignore their core voters without electoral repercussion.
  7. I'm surprised no one has brought this up. There were shenanigans at the last public meeting! It looked like a total farce. If you follow the link in the Star article below, it takes you to the footage that was filmed during the meeting. If you have no wish to be bored in to next week, select the section on questions from the public. It's worth persevering with, honest! I found it a real eye opener. Frankly, I was shocked and I'm thinking we need to be more aware of what is going on at these meetings of our local representatives. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/politics/council/public-kicked-out-sheffield-council-chamber-meeting-over-row-about-questions-1885557
  8. Reading an e-book is not the same as having a tangible book in your hands. Reading on devices, especially late at night, interferes with sleep patterns. There's nothing kids love more, than you sharing a book with them. Libraries are far more than books. They are information centres, study centres, resource centres, advice centres, activity hubs. Nothing feels like a library. They foster a desire for knowledge. Kids that visit libraries have more chances of success at school. Fostering a love of reading is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. So is teaching them to read between the lines. Not everyone can afford to buy books. I prefer to choose my own books than let a supermarket or Amazon decide what they want me to read and I hope my kids feel the same. They're like teeth.... you'll miss them when they're gone.
  9. Great to hear from you, Bob. These are great steps. You have a lot of people here, willing you on. One day at a time. Don't suffer in silence though. Reach out whenever you need to, either on here or elsewhere. Build up your resources to help you and to give you strength when you need that extra support. Keep us posted on how things are going.
  10. Good idea. I've also thought of putting them on hold with some music in the background but I'm not sure what. Maybe a song with a strong message. Any ideas, anyone?
  11. Oh good one 😁👍. Might try a new identity next time.
  12. Ahh. That would make sense, as I thought I remembered the charitable man running the takeaway at Fir Vale in the same program.
  13. Sounds like a great idea. I suggest getting involved with your local area panels, go to the next meeting and speak to the people there, they also have access to funding streams for the very purpose you mention. You can add yourself to the local panel email alerts via the council website, or get in touch with your local councillors for details. Good luck!
  14. Bob, you're a star for reaching out and asking for help. I'm sorry to hear things are not going well. Have you tried 'mindfulness'? There are loads of free resources and courses online. I find it very helpful. I'm currently reading an ace book with a CD. I'll get the title for you when I'm back home, it's life-changing. Local libraries should have loads of resources in mindfulness and other self-help books. If you can download the free app, 'Let's meditate' that's also brilliant. You can phone the Samaritans at any time and they should be able to tell you about help and resources available to you. I would also get in touch with Mind, to see what they can offer you. Sometimes they run local self-help groups, and search online for local groups that help people with alcohol dependency. But, most of all, keep reaching out to others and keep talking . Another thing is to think about volunteering somewhere, even just for a couple of hours a week. It will raise your confidence and self-esteem and sometimes it helps us get our problems in a clearer perspective when we see what others have to cope with day to day. It's also a great way to meet some really lovely people.
  15. Until the situation is got under control, I view it as my responsibility to do what I personally can to protect others, when I can. This not only takes the form of informing others of scams but also keeping the scummmers (not a spelling mistake!) on my telephone line as long as possible, as while they are on the phone to me, they are not scamming someone vulnerable. My current record is 3 hours and 5 minutes, I had set my target as 3 hours but could not resist 'a grand finale', resulting in my Nigerian cousin, screaming down the phone, 'You Mother ******!' when he realised that HE was the one who had been had. It also was amazing fun for me and my house guest (he was doubled over for most of the conversation and had to leave the room on more than one occasion, as he had to laugh out loud and didn't want the scammer to hear him) as I put the scammer on speaker phone. One of the most enjoyable elements of the call, was when I insisted on spelling everything out, as he had been doing, when I simply could not follow him 😉, using place names. He would say, 'H for Holland', I think my favourite was 'H for Heeley Bottom'. The grand finale, when he thought he was finally getting my email address, well.... I'll let you guess at what I spelled out but it involved, words starting with 'Frecheville', and 'Birley Carr'! It was great to hear his utter incredulity and frustration but it would have been even better to have been able to see his face.
  16. Yes, the workers and the planners, as it appears proverbial and a brewery springs to mind with our lot.
  17. So, this morning, we learn a lady in London has been found to have the virus and authorities are scrambling to find out who she has been in touch with. According to Kay Burley's report on Sky News just now, this lady has arrived from China in the last few days. How is this possible? I thought all UK arrivals were going in to quarantine? Don't tell me our government are still relying on this 'self isolate' BS! If so, that's negligent, in my opinion. An expert from Lancaster University on SkyNews this morning told Kay Burley that, based on what we are now seeing in the UK, we can realistically estimate that the number of cases in China are between 10 and 25 times the official figure.
  18. Saw it win the award. Didn't know it was available on all4, thanks Halibut.
  19. Yes, I remember it. Can't remember what it was called though. I actually think it was discussed in a previous thread on the forum.
  20. If less than 1% have responded, then it needs to be conducted again, this time informing more of the public of the proposed changes and consultation. Or do SCC view a 1% take-up a success?
  21. Yes, definitely. Did you watch the program on BBC2 last night, "The Last Survivors"? I thought I might get upset but nothing prepared me for it. It was very interesting to note what similarities and differences there were amongst survivors in how they managed to carry on. One survivor went back to Auschwitz with his daughter, it was understandably, very painful for him. I don't think I'd realised the sheer size of the place. I felt, caught unawares when a survivor told his story of holding his Dad's hand as a child and feeling that his Dad was not saying much to him but then examining the situation in hindsight, and concluding that it must be terrible to not be able to do anything to protect your own sons from the horrors they were subjected to.
  22. Sounds horrifying. I suppose an awful lot of humans don't bat an eyelid when offered a roast pork sandwich.
  23. I'm not going to argue with you about how many thousands because, for me, one life gone is too many, never mind about thousands.
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