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  1. Yes that's what we saw.. motorcycle cops across the road so you could'nt turn from Malin bridge ..looked to be just a little further up towards the fire station. hopefully everythings ok.
  2. Anyone know about the high number of police cars and the road closure at Rivelin Valley?
  3. My friend had her horse cremated and then buried the basket of ashes in the paddock.. I think when the time comes I will have my cat cremated.. she's an indoor cat and I feel I want to keep her close when the time comes.
  4. Hi Deb891 I think its a nice area, I lived on rural Lane for about a year and didn't have any problems. A few of my friends live further Up at Worral and love it!! Its like most area's really good and bad in all but going on the house prices and my experience of living in the area I think its a good place to live.
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