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  1. Totally agree with previous comments Did anybody see a Channel 4 24 Hours in Police Custody Monday 25 March to be repeated This Thursday Should be shown in every school to show what is the real outcome for carrying knives
  2. Lot of people I know have been on the NewJunction,Stainy at Stainforth and the Aire & Calder around Pollington lot of small perch with occasional fish to 3
  3. Salmon Pastures,Stevenson road/East coast road all fishing well dependant on river level ,caster finds the better fish although maggot will produce grayling and hundreds of pinks I've been fishing the tidal Don around Doncaster big bream , roach and pike up to 20 if you decide to fish it be careful only go in pairs as the banks are lethal
  4. Many thanks the info would be gratefully received I can then pass on to members of the AnglingTrust and Canal and River Trust
  5. Used to catch the train from Darnall with my dad and uncle ,get off at Five Mile House , over Sincil and walk towards Bardney Used to be a black hut belonging to railway always used to fish Sincil behind it Dad and uncle used to fish Edgar Allen matches on Witham Few years back could drive down to Five Mile House and drive down old rail tracks now been resurfaced as a cycle path As for the state of the Witham and Sincil very much like Stainy ,it's just covered in algae and weed in fact greener than my lawn ---------- Post added 15-11-2018 at 10:07 ---------- Caught the train many a time from Darnall with my dad and uncle,get off at Five Mile House and fish the Sincil while dad fished Edgar Allen matches on Witham Regarding the state of it ,if you don't use it you will lose it No good bleating on forums about the state of waters bombard the EA with complaints
  6. If you look at the 15x8 banner on the side it tells you ---------- Post added 20-05-2018 at 14:43 ---------- If you look at the 15x8 banner on the side of the building it gives you a clue
  7. Can you let me know whereabouts on the canal please
  8. Got it wrong Arthur Lees ground was behind Handsworth club,Middlewood ground was originally Hampton Sports Who used to play on bottom pitch of Handsworth Rec ,had a wooden fence all the way round it ? In my youth used to watch EA ,Bruno and Fitzi have some good battles Just remembered SPT ground now Phoenix Sports on Bawtry road Who used to play on the ground between Edgar Allens and the now Sheffield Hallam ground?
  9. Arthur Lees now Middlewood Jnrs at Handsworth Post Office ground now Parsley Hay estate Handsworth Edgar Allens Bawtry Road
  10. It's still not finished ,the pavement in front of the new bus shelter needs tarmacing It still has barriers in front of it Don't moan about Amey ,the majority of labour and management "worked " for the old SCC works department
  11. What ,no Stones, Wards , Whitbread or Tetley's
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