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  1. Thanks, may have a look there for windfall apples. Don't want to go and strip a tree bare if it's a community orchard. Apparently cider requires 20lbs apples per gallon.
  2. Hey, A friend and I are after collecting some apples this Saturday to have a go at making cider. have a few wild trees in mind, but perhaps not enough. Have any folks seen wild apple trees around, that perhaps are not good enough as eaters but ok for cider? Preferably S6, S10 or S8 areas please
  3. Thank you for all the information, destinations and numbers. The made to order blinds look good, or could get it printed i guess somewhere like Pinders, would prefer the real deal though. I'll do some further research into this.
  4. Yeah thinking about it 51 bus was lodgemoor. There used to be a number 2 that went through crosspool, wonder what destination was displayed on that route?
  5. Does anyone know where i could get an old bus destination blind for Crosspool from? Some are available on ebay, but none for Crosspool This is what I'm after: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Norton-Sheffield-Vintage-Linen-Bus-Blind-1970-37-Wedding-Anniversary-Gift-/322480314698?hash=item4b1553194a:g:5mgAAOSw3v5Yneba Cheers
  6. Ok, Well lots of interesting opinions. Can i just say that im not at all lazy, i do take stuff to the dump sites for disposal. Hate to see fly tipped stuff around the place. I have a personal `one night` rule, in that if my gifts of scrap metal have been there more than one night, then ill take it myself to the dump.....Now I`m been very pedantic......but, this is a shame as my local dump is 6 miles away, so i have to start my often cold car engine up, drive there, sit in a que then drive 6 miles back. Surely this causes more damage to the environment than a passing scrap dealer going about his/her normal rounds. Also i believe strongly that the council have enough to do let alone tiding people crap up, hence i dont fly tip for any longer than 24 hours.
  7. OK, Well it seems my last post was removed without any reason... So ill try again, On many occasions i have left scrap out for collection, just like most sheffielders have done for many many years. The scrap was always collected in full. More recently i left some scrap out and a small freezer. The scrap was collected while the freezer was stripped of valable copper and the carcas left behind. I have seen evidence of this today in a different district. Now it seems to me that this game should be give and take, but picking cherries and leaving the carp is simply take take take. It has been mentioned that it is the owners responsibility to ensure that the environment and area is kept clean, in order and within law....when my scrap freezer was cherry picked i then took the carcas to the dump site like any respectable person would.... Now though i will take any scrap stright to the dump, and maybe the revenue will be put to a better community wide use.
  8. Just a word of warning for anyone leaving metal out for collectors. Scrap metal collectors are sometimes quite handy for the removal of your scrap. However some collectors are starting to take the Michael when it comes to fridges and freezers. They will strip the valuable metal off at the side of the road leaving the casing behind. I used to leave stuff out for them, but I will no longer. It should be give and take, but this behaviour is simply take.
  9. Cheers for replies, yeah they have to be totally flexible. Looks like you can get them from china for next to nothing, but order quantity is 1000`s.
  10. they are like this: http://thumbs3.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mQSW1xTH3NSd0PQzO8azuXw.jpg But those are too big and expensive, i think poundland used to sell them in packs of 40 but no more. I think the material is HDPE
  11. Does anyone know where to get small flexible plant pots from in Sheffield? Im after the small ones about 50mm diameter. They should be about 3 or 4 pence each. Cheers
  12. Photos from nearly 6 years ago... http://s98.photobucket.com/albums/l255/mini670/thornseat%20lodge/
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