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  1. Diksey. Thanks for the reply I’ll try some searches on that name
  2. Diksey Thanks for the reply, do you know the name of the car sales?. I can remember the Sally Army but can’t remember the spares shop. It’s great to look back at some of the old photos though
  3. Misspedantic Thanks for your reply. Looking at the photo that’s at the top end near west street where west one is I think. I am looking for a car sales that was at the bottom end. Only a small car lot on a corner
  4. I am looking for the name of a car dealership/sales that was towards the bottom of fitzwilliam street opposite Wallace’s and swifts. I think it was there in the early 90s. I’ve tried early editions of google maps and searched the forums but can’t find anything, any clues or photos would be appreciated
  5. Jeffrey Many thanks I think I have got it now
  6. Jeffrey Thanks for your reply. Does that mean when the 15 years have expired then so does the cost floor. Ie if the cost floor was 30,000 then would this figure expire after 15 years meaning aquasition costs etc can't be used in calculations.
  7. could anyone tell me about the cost floor in simple terms .i understand that any acquisition costs and modernisations incurred are taken into account therefore limiting the discount. i also understand (if i have read correctly) that after 15 years the cost floor would expire under preserved right to buy therefore allowing you to purchase the property at market value less any discount you have acquired:help:
  8. I am also having the same problem.i have been a tenant for40plus years transferring to an housing association some 15 years ago. I am also trying to get my previous history and have tried numerous departments and have also been told I don't exist on the councils system and I need the information. I am going to try the council tax people as they have told me they can find me from the previous addresses.and also the electoral roll. I also can't believe the council don't archive this type of information as when you enquire they just want to pass you on
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