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    Halford group 1 car seat isofix. Little used as only in Granny’s car. Excellent condition.


  2. Padders always exceeds our expectations. We love you. x
  3. A few years ago I lived on East Bank Road near the bottom and parked outside. I didn't want my car to get broken into so I never locked the doors. “They” quite often had a look around inside it but never stole my Billy Fury or Del Shannon cassettes. Wonder why!
  4. It's the things you don't do that you regret not the things you do.
  5. In around 1990 I wanted to get back into work after many years off caring for family. This was very daunting due my age, lack of relevant qualifications (no office computers when I last worked) so much time off etc. At that time the Jobcentre put vacancies written on cards on the walls for you to browse I spotted a job I knew I could do given the chance and copied the details. Here's my confession: When I got home I rang the Company and asked to speak to Personnel. I said “Hello, I'm Sally from the Jobcentre just a quick call to see if you've filled the Admin vacancy”. Not yet he said, no luck at all. “I've got a good candidate for you”, I said “but she's very nervous about applying because she's not worked outside the home x numbers of years and thinks you might be looking for someone younger.” I listed some of my skills and experiences and waited for his response. “Sounds perfect. Send her up soon as possible.” he said. I didn't follow this up but it gave me the confidence to start applying for jobs and it wasn't long before I was in work. Apologies to the Personnel Manager and Sally at the Jobcentre, if there is one.
  6. I put a bit of makeup on every day. Have done since I left school. Feel undressed without it.
  7. I am but a simple person Padders. Perhaps that’s why I like you. Think we’re on the same wave length. 🤷🏻
  8. It’s 4 years since my Mum died, so no COVID problems then. But as she was 92 and her friends were of a similar age illness etc meant quite a few were unable to attend the funeral. Especially as it was January and the weather was awful. My family all had input into the reading at her funeral and there were lots of happy and funny memories. I sent a typed copy of the reading, along with a nice photo of her to her friends and they were really happy. I also sent this to some friends who had attended but were a bit hard of hearing. Just a thought.
  9. I’ve been watching Bridgerton but can’t see Daphne the Star as anything other than Sally off Coronation St.
  10. I’m not hateful, I’m grateful. Thanks Padders. xx
  11. Oh Padders, you’ve burst my bubble. He blew me a little kiss as well. First for a very long time. Sob, sob.
  12. Sorry it’s more than 5 but wanted to tell you what really cheered me up today. Saw Santa Claus on his motor bike, all in red complete with bushy white beard and Santa hat over crash helmet. Gave me a wave at the traffic lights. Aw. Anybody else seen him?
  13. I did the same with an inheritance about 3 years ago. I’m pretty sure I’ve had a better deal than any instant access account would have been.
  14. My instructions say it’s a safety feature to stop an uneven load from damaging the drum.
  15. Mine won’t spin if the load is unbalanced. For instance if I wash a heavy cotton jumper I have to put something like a bath towel with it to even the load.
  16. Not a limerick but still: I think I am watching too much TV It’s the adverts that really are getting to me Perhaps I’m a wally or just a soft touch I know I shouldn’t watch them so much I’ve adopted a leopard, a monkey, and bear For £3 a month but I didn’t stop there An elephant, a monkey, a snake and a rabbit It really is turning into a habit. Quite a few more, too many to mention But I really must stop, it’s more than my pension.
  17. Taxi drivers who seem to think they are political experts and bore me all the way home. Shut up and drive!
  18. Same thing has happened to my Grandson. What a sickener!
  19. I sang my heart out, and shed a little tear, thinking about my Dad who loved his country, as I do too.
  20. Had a bit of fun yesterday. Was called about my “accident”, I went along with it for quite a while, I could tell she was excited thinking she’d really caught one. She asked how many people were involved and were there any minors. When I told her no one works down the pits anymore she put the phone down on me. How rude!
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