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  1. joojoo

    Who Said That?

    Think it was Wallis Simpson, but it could have been any of today’s super models. Be careful what you wish for. (I haven’t a clue but so true)
  2. Hi Pattricia, I seem to get into situations all the time. I could go on and on but I won’t hog the thread.
  3. I was browsing the obituary column in the Star when by chance I spotted the one for a very dear family friend. Although the funeral was that afternoon I knew my brother would want to attend with me. Unfortunately he was out playing golf so I couldn't contact him but I felt I had to go to represent the family so I rushed off to Brimmington Crem. I joined the small group which was gathering. I couldn't see anyone I knew but more people were arriving and I was confident I would know her Grandson when I saw him. I still hadn't seen him when the now larger group, which I was in the middle of, began filing into the Crem. It slowly began to dawn on me that I was at the wrong funeral. Same first and second name age 92, what's the chances of that? Well, what could I do? After the service I thanked the Vicar, told him it was a lovely service, we agreed that Joan was a marvellous person. I said “Yes, I would be joining them for tea and a bite at the Hotel.” I legged it as quick as I could.
  4. Hi Pattricia Definitely Wednesday, but it was round about 1995 or 6. I really need to stop living in the past.
  5. Wonder if it was the same one who tried to chat me up in Josephines. (I was old enough to be his big sister.). - he failed
  6. joojoo


    Don't meet your troubles half way. My Mother 2001
  7. Grass trimmer and perfume, went mad on line.
  8. I've cleaned the windows. painted the door My kitchen gleams like never before I've changed the bed The cat's been fed Now three more weeks, what a bore.
  9. Young Padders and Jane have a date Drinks at the pub, that sounds great But I think you can tell I'm as jealous as hell I wish they would take me as well.
  10. Oh Padders I feel for you mate, Nothing worse than an empty plate, But it won't be forever And if you box clever Fran might give you a date 😋
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