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    My Mum has a stroke and was left with speech aphasia, it’s very frustrating. I made a list of her hobbies, interests, past employments, places she had visited, names and relationships of her close family and kept it by her bed so that any visitors had clues of what to talk about. Sadly she lost many friends because they were not able to communicate with her,
  2. Cadent came out to me last year. Super efficient, and very courteous.
  3. Remember 'Nylons'. 1962ish, before tights, oh the trill of opening a beautifully packed pair of 15 denier, size 8 1/2 seamfree American tan. They would have been a birthday or Christmas present because they were far to expensive for me to afford. I was a regular at the stockings stall on the market trying to match up a couple of pairs. Finding a pair the same colour and length in the huge tangle was nigh on impossible. Happy days.
  4. I agree with AnthonyTapp. My husband was a small builder and often needed to ask for a deposit to cover some of the cost of materials especially in the 70s and 80s when he had a small family to support. Banks have never been keen on lending to the self employed. Also if people were not prepared to trust him why should he trust them to pay him on completion. By the way I don't know AnthonyTapp.
  5. Good NHS stories do not attract headlines, pity!
  6. Mine started going off willy nilly/ apparently it needed a new battery.
  7. Needed to have an old airing cupboard ripped out, leaving a real mess, all wall and ceiling cased out and fitted wardrobe/cupboards installing along the whole wall. Called numerous Joiner, most didn't turn up, others promised to text a quote, none did. Finally found Jeff the Joiner on Sheffield Forum. Excellent choice, had to wait a few weeks but came when he said and communicated well. Can't recommend him and his mate highly enough. Did all the work in one day, took all the rubbish away and cleaned up better than when he started. I am highly delighted with the result and will definitely use him again. I'm keeping his number handy 07861379796.
  8. Just babysat for this, they really enjoyed it. So did I Grandson was a joy.
  9. Amberleaf is this sort of what you mean: My children are adults, I am retired. After nursing my husband until his death from cancer I thought 'what am I for'? Then my little Grandson arrived.....
  10. Margarita Ma - very well said. A few good put downs are all that are needed every time, always worked for me. xx
  11. I can't find one in my car, it is Italian though, suppose I'm supposed to surrender.
  12. Wish "one forum user" would let us in on where they get their bargains from.
  13. When I left school and started work, late sixty's I was young and beautiful (or so I was told). The idea then was "if you've got it flaunt it" and I did big time. Therefore "perv" remarks at work and elsewhere were a daily "hazard". Not to mention all the strange suggestions. Did I hate it, did it do me any or lasting damage of any kind? Don't be silly, I loved it. Of course I knew how it handle it. My beautiful Mother taught me well.
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