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  1. Hope hes doing ok he was a top bloke
  2. Tell him its john everett . Hope hes well
  3. I drove on the freight special with him. Des
  4. I was a driver there at that time, I had just got back from a trip and parked in warehouse to be loaded whilst I had my break in canteen. Someone came running in and said place was on fire, I dashed over to see my truck and all my gear being swept by flames. Sad day
  5. Can anyone tell me whose the best people to get help with appealing a p I p appeal. Was thinking c a b but been told they not experts on it. Thanks
  6. cabby....mick and chopper......john both truckers from attercliffe and then lady love ..kathy from mosborough and chedder ... marie from killermarsh
  7. if you tried to read through these posts you wouldnt make such a stupid statement about me being their biggest supporter
  8. it seems alot on here think its ok for this scum to poison the youth of today, ok thats there opinion but then they will complain when a addict breaks into their house to steal for their drug money
  9. yes i agree but is just hope for the best enough to protect our youngsters against this evil or should we be protected by the people we pay to protect us, they seem happy to announce when they catch a big haul of drugs but if they cracked down they could get more but in smaller ammounts. is it left alone because our prisons cant deal with them all ?
  10. i know someone that reported a dealer to the police over a year ago but he,s still selling his stuff to all the local crackheads in a park at the side of a school, since being reported hes moved up from a beat up escort to a lexus and still signs on every fortnight
  11. no one can tell what path in life our children will take, im sure some drug addicts have come from good homes with a good childhood and upbringing
  12. why are the police turning a blind eye to drug dealers on the estates of sheffield, im sure many others on here know of at least 3 drug dealers that work on there estate yet the police seem quite happy to let them carry on with their vile trade. without the supply of these drugs the crime rate would fall, young girls wouldnt have to go shoplifting or even sell their bodies to pay for their drugs. is this the type of city we are happy to raise our youngsters in knowing one day your young daughter or son could become a addict and have their lives ruined by these vile money grabbing low lifes that are not bothered what they sell the addict as long as they get their money. its time the police did the job they get well paid to do and give us all a safe city to live in
  13. without hoopers goals we would have been nowhere near the playoffs, yes he did fade towards the end of the season but he wasnt fit when he arrived, so with a full pre season training he will be on fire. we need to get behind him are roar him on let hillsboro have that wembly sound every home match and watch the team demolish the league
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