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  1. I have few questions about a job of SVQ/NVQ assesors. I've been working as a support worker and service leader for a charity providing support to people with learning disabilities. I am thinking about changing my career slightly and I am considering becoming an SVQ assessor. I need an advise from someone who does it already to make sure I'll make a right decision. I've been considering working as an assessor because that would be sort of continuation of my career in social care but also because I am planning to study abroad and I will need to find a job that gives me little bit of time flexibility. I remember that my previous assessors met me once every two months. Apart from that most of the contact was either online or on the phone. I started thinking that being an assessor enables me to do a lot of my work from home which would be ideal for my studies. I presume I will need about one week off every two months (apart from regular annual l leave). I imagine that if I do a lot of work at home then I can afford to have a weeks off now an then. Does it work this way? Do you think it makes sense to try to go for the job taking into account my circumstances. If you have any other suggestions please let me know.
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