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  1. If you're using any oil-based gloss paints they will all yellow over time. Especially those areas which have little or no sunlight. Water-based gloss will not yellow quickly but are less durable. If you want oil-based gloss that doesn't yellow you'll need some that predates 2010, and will struggle to find any. Because the 2010 environmental laws made paint companies reduce their Volatile Organic Compounds.
  2. Boris like most MP's and Councillors is most probably incompetent. But he's the king of UK pantomime and knows how to win over xenophobes and racists so he's very electable in northern heartlands.
  3. Fun Fact! There is more people now than ever! So they'll be more people employed now than ever! Plus many self employed folk have no work and cannot claim benefits and therefore do not show up in the ONS figures.
  4. Long story short I first came to Sheff in mid 90's to a dodgy tower-block Norfolk Park to flog some pirate radio equipment. I find it unusual but didn't hear any openly racist xenophobic anti-Islamic views. Fast Fwd to 2009 and we first settled Parson Cross. We was truly shocked how openly bitter, resentful and nasty folk was towards to migrants. Despite these folk been the most reliant on migrants for their everyday survival. I'm more suited to Sheffield because of my hobbies such as rabbiting and fishing which I partake in and around ex-mining villagers. All the folk I've had conversations with really hate Muslims and foreigners. Obviously it could be argued the recent election results reflect this. I don't understand why living in a city = you must not comment or reveal your observations about the place, and 'go back' to where you came from? I'm ginger so could be a ethnic? I was raised on the notorious Broadwater Farm estate. (Predominantly Afro-Carribean) Same kind of resentments was commonplace there but more towards Police and authority.
  5. We're in a totalitarian state. The state is getting CCTV well prepared for the civil unrest which will inevitably happen.
  6. I'm a Londoner who has 'sorta' settled in Sheffield. I miss the vibrancy of my home city, it's markets and diversity. Whilst folk here have been fine with me I've found Sheffield folk very resentful towards foreigners which is obviously holding the city back. However my daughter is settled in school and the rugged landscape of the surrounding peak district is such a fantastic asset.
  7. What about Dennis Skinner? He was savagely betrayed by the folk in Bolsover he'd devoted his life to helping. He even gave a years wages to Miners Welfare Funds to support the strikers.
  8. What about Dennis Skinner? He designated his life to helping folk in Bolsover, he even gave up his wages for miners wife fund during strikes, and the folk he'd represented for decades savagely betrayed him.
  9. Yes you can, see above ^^ We have enormous power and with FB campaigns it is easier now than ever. eg If majority of SC residents cancelled their council tax direct-debits, and all council tax benefit recipients closed their claims, SC would have no choice but to listen and meet its residents demands. Other cities and towns would see this method works and follow suit. In France the school teachers went on strike, the teachers baby-sittered the kids and taught nothing. The the parents and kids are happy, The teachers win support from kids, parents and general public, teachers win!
  10. Mass disobedience. Don't pay parking fines, TV license etc etc Do absolutely nothing!
  11. I think all our freedoms and rights should be abolished in case they inconvenience and upset someone.
  12. Yep and once folk make that switch it can be incredibly difficult to win them back. I find UK & US politics hilarious. We have an Eton educated buffoon actor connecting with ex-mining villagers, and the Labour Party spending their days obsessing about trans bathrooms and such like issues. You couldn't make it up!
  13. Thanks but you forgot to mention tactful )
  14. We build a new system which works for US and not THEM. Just start with the very basics such as something worth voting for , and MP's been accountable for their actions (or lack of) I'd prefer administrators with legally binding contracts to deliver XYZ for the electorate..... We'd also need a voting system with - Proportional Representation and a None Of The Above option. And we need an intelligent informed electorate which can only be achieved after a few generations of folk been sterilized and poor genetics removed from the gene pool.
  15. No., A vote for any party is just a vote for the system. It is only by stopping voting do we invalidate THEIR system. We can't change something by adhering to it.
  16. No you haven't. You just BELIEVE you're getting democracy by voting.
  17. For most people reasoned debate is a thing of the past, we're too dumb, divided and emotionally charged for any democracy or compromise.
  18. How are you planning on getting any sort of democracy, if you do vote? Because the fact is we just have an illusion of democracy and participating in this illusory democratic system only keeps it alive. *Can't see picture properly?
  19. The fact you probably believe UK has a sort of democracy just shows how much work needs to be done.... Just for starters we need MP's accountable for their actions (or lack of) and a voting system with a None Of The Above - option along with proportional representation. And that's assuming we have something worth voting for and an intelligent informed electorate. We're often told this but it isn't true. They say 'may' or 'could' As I've already stated, giving NO info is different to giving FALSE info.
  20. What utter nonesense. They supposedly gave their lives for something worth voting for! And for the freedom NOT to vote! But their lives ended because they blindly followed govt orders without question, same happened with the otherside. Eh? Is this post for real? I think you’re trolling but I’ll bite anyways.. I’m also entitled to drink bleach, smoke cigarettes and gamble and so on…..despite having the freedom to do these things, I choose not to! – And this choice doesn’t result in threats of imprisonment and fines! So you should drink bleach, smoke cigarettes and gamble because you are entitled to do so. That’s it, really.
  21. We refuse to register on principle and because we know you're not anonymous.
  22. We've had a few letters and visits over the years stating that we are required by law to give the council our details so we're registered vote. Firstly I'm almost certain giving NO information is not against the law, only giving false information IS against the law. Secondly council tax payments and other correspondence proves to the council they already know who lives at said abode. Thirdly although it may only be a minutes work, it's beyond belief that in a so called 'free country' you can be fined or imprisoned for doing absolutely nothing! I could go on about how futile voting is and how the UK version of so called #democracy' is just an illusion but that's a whole another debate....
  23. Good to read Sheffield Planning Dept respects the concerns and wishes of its residents. The council tried to polish a turd like The Moor then demolish a splendid Tudor and Victorian block which you call a success?
  24. The council won't stop until they've stole all the money they can from its residents.
  25. CPZ’s are just a self-perpetuating cash-cow. Parking Services operate a racketeer which charges motorists for roads they’ve already paid for. You reduce car usage with integrated, reliable, safe and cheap or free at point of use public transport. Along with segregated cycle paths and associated infrastructure, not by fleecing motorists. Sheffield Council planning are an absolute shambles, I know this town has suffered more than most, but the council should be grateful anyone is willing to visit its centre. If anything the council should be paying motoristst to park there. Sheffield needs all the help it can get, it is not major, and shouldn't be called a city. Even small towns like Luton put it to shame.
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