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  1. used to know a girl called margeret ,(horsefield but not certain of sec.name ). she married and moved to greaseboro rotherham ....been trying to trace her for ages
  2. does anyonehave any details of charles and sarah pratt who lived for many years 15 beely road.oughtibridge.and then moved to retirement bungalow at top side of oughtibridge .
  3. anyone remember residents of beeley road oughtibrigde . before they built houses on top road .
  4. Anyone know where i can get or see george ellis and cooper bros cutlery patterns books.
  5. any ex residents of remington avenue parson cross
  6. anyone know jeni cryer of Bretton grove Sheffield
  7. does anyone know margeret horsefield (maiden name) .lived on manor estate when she was young .
  8. any one know the where abouts of paul butler ex barber of ranmoor sheffild
  9. anyone know of George Rodgers,Roger Cannon,and David Whittam,of parson cross area .
  10. anybody know anything about .or where they are now..The Gardner family of Remington avenue parson cross,or anyone once friends with them . need to contact them .
  11. I,m searching for info on George ellis and cooper bros,cutlery companies Sheffield and anybody who worked for them,
  12. I lived on Remington avenue, keep trying to find david whittam,and his sister jean who lived next door .
  13. I,m searching for information about William (bill)Gardner who lived for many years on Remington avenue. parson cross. he was born in Newcastle 1911.move to sheffield and married Yvette Pratt from oughtibridge lived in beely road for a while . .worked most of his life in the cutlery trade with George Ellis.and then Cooper brothers .after retireing worked part time at a Sheffield hotel .
  14. hi, anybody know where david whitam or jean whitam are nowadays. used to live on Remington avenue parson cross op/old school gates ..or anyone else who lived around there .
  15. Any know Paul butler gents barber ranmoor..now retired.
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