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  1. Non-statutory means it's not the law,or not laid down in law. ---------- Post added 07-04-2016 at 11:46 ---------- I've just received our annual service charges bill,ok they are part and parcel of the leasehold,but get this £25 again for cleaning,two guys came to do the cleaning,they'd got a radio on,irrespective of the fact that we had seriously ill people in the block and one of them was on a mobile phone for 25 minutes,no exaggeration.Last but not least,out of a service charge bill of £141.14,£60.50 Management Fee,what do they manage?£12.83 Administration Fee,so more than half the costs are for LMT and £25 for some shoddy cleaning.
  2. Sheffield City Council don't give you 5yrs notice,that is nonsense.The thing is about this roofline work we were given notice in 2013 and the quote for our block was £5,560.04,which divided by 6 comes to roughly £926,which 2yrs later becomes £2,485 pr flat.I'll give you another example of LMT at work,a few years ago the Council fitted secure door systems,the original quote for that was around £500,we ended up paying £800+.They came to paint the communal hallway,at short notice,myself and my neighbour paid £300+ for that which multiplied by 6 makes £1800+,I don't think so.Once a year they send cleaners to clean the communal hallway,they charge myself and my neighbour,£25 each for that.The cleaners are barely here for an hour,so the two leaseholders pay,their wages,cleaning materials and then some.Plus the cleaning is shoddy,my wife does it more often and better than them.Overcharging is the norm with LMT,after all the leaseholders pay for their department
  3. Hi,I did e-mail and phone Jeffrey and,after careful consideration have decided not to proceed down the legal route as the prices quoted could quickly spiral out of control and,if you lost you'd be up the proverbial creek without the paddle.I would tell your relative to think long and hard about buying from the council,we never expected bills like that.I'm retired now,and my wife is a post cancer patient,so she can only work part-time,but when I was working I paid my Father's bills too,another leasehold,as he was up the creek when my Mother died.So believe me I know how the Sheffield City Council can shaft you!
  4. I wasn't invited,end of story!You didn't answer my question,have you received a forecast bill for £2,485 for guttering?The bottom line is this thread is for people who are going to be charged an exorbitant amount of money for guttering,and are not too happy about it.What's your excuse?
  5. You didn't mention any investment projects by the council,you mentioned "advice by a solicitor for investment projects,we didn't buy our flat as an investment project,we bought it as a home.I always plan for the future,it's called a healthy current account.It's obvious you haven't been billed for £2,500 for guttering,have you?I read all correspondence from Sheffield City Council and LMT,after all it affects me and,I did not get invited to any Leaseholder's Forum.You are unreal!Go and air your views on Twitter,it's more your style!
  6. I want to have input in the decisions,that affect me.I wasn't invited to any leasehold forums,and first you big-up rent payers,like it's wrong to buy your flat,then you admit you got your place cheap.The statement you made about making allowance for future expenditure on your block shows me how smug you are.Maybe you've not been billed £2,500 for guttering,or did you buy to let?You mentioned about"investment projects".
  7. The fact that I got a letter from the LMT stating that they were going to be doing major works,has got nothing to do with the fact that leaseholders are paying through the nose.Plus we have no input into the decisions that are made about work that is done to the property,we are dictated too.Did you purchase your place at a "vastly reduced rate"?Last but not least,it is being forced on me,I didn't ask for it,and I'm sure thousands of other leaseholders share my point of view!Your views are in a minority!
  8. Listen you,I was a rent payer for years and the price I paid for my flat was the equivalent of years and years,of rent.l also pay my Council tax in full on time,so don't come the holier-than-thou attitude with me.! ---------- Post added 26-03-2016 at 09:58 ---------- You are obviously not a placeholder,so why don't you keep your observations to yourself.
  9. Hi,Like yourself we have always paid promptly but,these charges are beyond the pale,totally outrageous.Today I've e-mailed the Sheffield Star and detailed everything about what the Leasehold Management Team are attempting to do to the leaseholders.I've asked them to please print it in the "Your Say"section and if they want to turn it into an article I'll be glad to give them more details,let's hope they respond.I sent a letter to Leasehold Management Team,detailing my observations and objections,which they will have received by February 19th,but no reply,which to me smacks of highhandedness and arrogance.E-mail the LMT and raise your objections,e-mail the Sheffield Star and let them know,and anyway,the bottom line is Kier's work is shoddy and sub-standard and last but not least why are Sheffield City Council dealing with them when a few years ago they were fined£18,000,000 by the OFT for rigging contracts.The whole thing stinks,dodgy dealings indeed! ---------- Post added 24-03-2016 at 21:25 ---------- The more people who complain about these rip-off charges for glittering,the more Sheffield City Council are going to take notice.Find out who your local councillors are,if they have surgeries find out where and go and complain.Who's your local MP e-mail them and complain,keep your grievances coming into the Forum,where else would someone say,we are going to do this work and you are going to pay X amount of money,when you've had no input into the decision and you certainly didn't ask for it to be done.The leaseholders are paying for the upkeep of the building,but the Council own it,all you own is your flat,up to the ceiling.You couldn't make it up!
  10. I would bet money on it ,that Kier and Sheffield City Council have a "profit sharing agreement"I read yesterday in the intouch Council magazine that Sheffield City Council are taking the repair and maintenance work off of Kier in 2017,the penny has finally dropped for the Council,that they can get it done cheaper with their own people.It did also say that Kier would still be involved in major works,in other words where the money is and easily open to fraud.
  11. Hey,good to hear from you Chris T70.Yes time to stand up and be counted.I spoke to both elected councillors for S8 area last Saturday,Roy Minn and Julie Gledhill,he was more pro-council but she agreed more with my point of view and was going to bring the situation up at Council meeting.The MP for Heeley is Louise Haigh,I will be e-mailing her.It's time the LMT stopped treating the Leaseholders like cash-cows.
  12. Hi,from what I can gather,if a housing authority owns the free-hold,no collective disenfranchisement.Going back to my original post about being charged top dollar for refurbishment,I've just read an article which states so called property maintenance companies,i.e.Kier,and housing authorities have a so called "profit sharing agreement"that is why Kier get all the work.The government knows that this is happening,it should be outlawed.
  13. Hi ChrisT70,just read your post about Sheffield City Council and refurbishment work and letters of intention,estimated costs and final demands.RE:Roofline work,got the same problem as yourself at this point in time.All the costs etc and I feel the same as you about correspondence from LMT and their piratical charging.I have sent in letters of objection,e-mails,phone calls about this and other matters over the last few years and usually,after a couple of weeks,get some smug reply.I personally am sick and tired of paying out almost every year for some so called necessary work and I firmly believe that the Leaseholders are being charged top dollar for this work.I've no problem with service charges etc but sick of the rest of it.My next door neighbour,a Leaseholder,is fuming about the costs associated with this roofline work and a know quite a few Leaseholders within a 100mtrs of myself who are all up in arms about these costs.If the Sheffield City Council Leaseholders got together and signed a petition maybe then Sheffield City Council would sit up and take notice of how unhappy the Leaseholders are,because surely 100% of Leaseholders don't like the present set up.Any suggestions anyone?
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