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  1. Am i the only person that can remeber gannys night club....or did i make it up around about mid 80s:loopy:
  2. blooming hell, your right ...it did
  3. Brassed off was shot around the country side outside of sheff...dead man shoes was shot in Matlock
  4. regarding full metal jacket ...No it was shot in the isle of dogs , london...I was there..they recently filmed a channel 4 promo in the same place called the circus of war...soldiers painted up to look like clowns.
  5. kids playing back napping...or was it called cat napping...???aayway did it myself in the early 80s all the way up school road ....comon!!
  6. Desy when the hell did you see a rag and bone man
  7. I don't live in sheffield , but call me crazy.... why dont you guys that used to so the DJ ing at Jive turkey, try and get one togethe agin , of cource it would have to be at the city hall A kind of one off, revival, same music, same Djs, even dress code If marketed and publiced well enough. You could have a winner, i know myself and many other people who no longer live in sheffield would come back. I work as a director for the BBC and channel 4, i'm sure i could get a crew together to film the event, and make something around it. Before you get excited, i know that they would not sponcer it in any way though. Contact me if anyone has any thoughts.
  8. All my star wars figures , which i still ahve in a box in the loft , started their life at redgates I was so sad when it closed .....and i was about 18
  9. what year were you there, and who are you I was a pupil there too viker
  10. now does anybody remember these video shops , they were the first two in sheffield, and they even stocked Beta tapes vista was in broomhall dave was in hunters bar and crookes does anybody have pics and do you remember the video mafia wars, vista was burned down twice in a row
  11. you've got to get a copy of the look north report transferrd into real player or quicktime....pure gold if so give us a shout if any help i work in the TV industry
  12. bloody hell...i do have the membership card, and your right it was a very multi cultural group of people, took it for granted at the time, but i suppose that was quite unique, and there was some great dancers, all that jazz dancing trip stuff....to the tune of piano house. I remember really making an effort in clothers when going there...unlike the leadmill where you would just turn up...still graet though
  13. Hi I wonder if anyone can help me I'm a director working on a possible future project regarding Middlewood hospital. I'm originally from Sheffield and at the age of 10 I was taken to the hospital to visit a friend of the family who was committed there, once there i lost my parents and wondered around the corridors , until i was found. As you can imagine it was quite a traumatising event, which i never forgot, and further more all this took place in the winter around 5 o'clock. I've been doing some research , regarding a script I am working on and would very much appreciate any info, contact you can give me. I'm trying to find jpegs,history and anything else that may be of help. You can contact me on at this e-mail address Many thanks Hope to hear from you soon Vik
  14. Is anybody out there an x MOD that used to hang around on spring house rd crookes, I was just a kid at the time living at No30 opps a house were mods would constantly hang out, was never sure why....but grew up loving bikes and fish tail parkers, too old to wear now
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