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  1. Yay! Thanks mel :-) How's things? xx
  2. I'd have no problem with that if it were my cat's poop
  3. It's only a bit of crap in a garden The cat hasn't broken into your house and taken a dump on your best china
  4. WoW! Lots going on then! I reckon fright night sounds good, I've not actually been before. Also like the idea of corporation
  5. What are you doing for Hallowe'en this year? I want to do something special! Preferably out, not at home. Not sure whether to just go to a club dressed up. Are there any special Hallowe'en occasions in Sheffield?
  6. I thought this was only supposed to be up until January 2010?
  7. I saw an adder a few months ago on a golf course, pretty cool
  8. I really do :-) but I also really love my dad, who went to great lengths to get me it for my birthday :-)
  9. Thank you guys, like ALL the suggestions I quite like the idea of the huge perspex, or chopping it up smaller and then putting it back together, I'm never going to sell it, so I guess a few of these ideas will work
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