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  1. Hi everyone I am moving from my flat very soon and I have a double bed + wardrobe + chest of drawers + bedside table. They are not in a good condition so I cannot sell them. Do you have any idea what do with them?
  2. Hi, I have been looking for 4 tickets for the new year fireworks event in London. Do you have any idea where I can get them? any website or any person would like to sell his/her tickets !! Thanks
  3. Hi guys, My son is 6 years old and has a physical disability. My wife and I are looking for a place that provides some fun activities to him, for example, swimming or any other activities. Also, if you guys can recommend other activities - not for fun - that are still useful to him. So please let me know. Thanks
  4. Hi Can you please recommend me a place where I can watch Manchester derby today? Thanks
  5. Hi Can you please recommend me spotlight bulbs (GU5.3 fitting) that save me a lot of money on the electricity bill. I am currently using halogen spotlight 680 lumen 50W from Tesco. I am not sure if there are better low energy bulbs. Thanks
  6. Hi, I got a problem in my car's engine. I took it to Halfords but I found their labour cost is so expensive. Do you recommend other reliable auto service centres? Thanks
  7. Hi, I would like to buy some furniture from IKEA. First, I thought about ordering online but I found the delivery charge is a bit expensive (£35) and I won't get my stuff until September 9th. The second choice is to go to the store in Leeds but the problem is how to deliver them to Sheffield. Any suggestions?
  8. Hi, Do you guys have any idea what the requirements of importing goods from a non-EU country are? I am trying to find a person who has an experience in such a matter to give me some advices and also to ask him some questions. Thanks
  9. Hi, My son has a cerebral palsy and he must have daily physiotherapy exercises. My wife and I find it difficult to do such exercises every day. Therefore, we decided to look for a private physiotherapist here in Sheffield who can help us with our son's case. Can you please recommend any private physiotherapist based on your experience or someone's experience? Your help is appreciated.
  10. Hi, I Need a suggestion for a romantic restaurant for wedding anniversary in Sheffield or the Peak district.
  11. Hi, I am travelling to Germany next month for a week and I need a travel buddy. Do you know how I can find one?
  12. Hi Can you please suggest garages or any places where I can change the rear brake lights and fix the smoke plug? Thanks
  13. Hi A friend of mine and I are going to the Lake District this weekend. We are currently searching for a cottage to rent. We are trying to find a cottage that overlooks a lake or a river. Can you please, based on your personal experience, recommend me some cottages and places to visit there? Thanks
  14. Exploring towns and villages is more interesting
  15. Hi It's my first time to visit the Peak District National Park and I would like to know best places to visit there. I actually like hearing from people rather than visiting their website and read what is in there. Can you please tell me, based on what you like there, where to go and visit? Thanks
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