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  1. So 157 employees. 29% affected. Original post states “making hundreds redundant”. Cliche time, “ You do the maths”!
  2. Paddy, who I know professionally, can be aptly described as a “Character “!
  3. Broke my journey from The Bankers Draft to The Hen and Chickens very nicely. I suggested it would in a post a few days ago but it perhaps didn’t load to the thread properly because I can’t see it.
  4. Oh dear. Have I done something to upset you? Anyway, “ Zyzzyva“.
  5. My apologies for not being clear. Listings in the programme we’re not free. As for your”Who told you they had to pay?” demand? It was the venue in which I spent much of the weekend. Who told you they merely had to comply with a few things? ( please sense the rhetorical nature of my last line)
  6. It’s not the “ fringe”. It is the “ Tramlines Fringe” and many venues have paid to be associated with it and use the name. An excellent programme of events was published and distributed to participants .
  7. It is already illegal under the Sexual Offences [scotland] Act 2009.
  8. Now now. Play nice. Just accept that the poster saying it was 30 years old had a valid point. Was John a stocky bearded chap? If so, he was the licensee in 1991 and was in charge of the policy. The pub was run by Sheffield University Student Union as a managed house under lease from Inntrepreneur. The bring your own food policy was encouraged.
  9. Well they had the policy of bring your own food in 1991. More like 27 .
  10. So, Grappler. Which spelling should we note?
  11. Would that be a European Perch or the Yellow variety?
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