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  1. Corbyn is the best thing to happen to the Tories since Arthur Scargill, Michael Foot and General Galtieri. The British voter is (small c) conservative in outlook, ambition and overall attitude. Corbyn and people like him scare those who Labour needs to win an election. Milliband scared enough to lose the election last time, think what Corbyn will do. I am no Labour voter, I do acknowledge the contribution regarding the NHS, workers rights and a myriad of other good things that Labour have done in the last hundred years, the current state of the party is a tragedy and it does democracy no good to have a rampant Tory party with no opposition. Sack Corbyn, get yourselves sorted out.
  2. To some extent you are right, however his achievements are substantial. His action in promising and then delivering the referendum were not only an attempt to stem the drift to UKIP it was an attempt to end the fifty year civil war within the Conservative party. The result, though a shock, and resulting in the end of his Premiership, actually seems to be working, it is early days, but Mrs May has clearly done away with any prospect of not honoring the decision, we are coming out of the EU. Therefore the Tories can now focus on unity, governing the country and making the best of things. If Labour, or whatever emerges from this latest meltdown in socialism, can get itself sorted out we could be back into a sensible political system. Despite ongoing political differences, the actual outcomes from all this could be entirely positive. All this down to Mr Cameron sticking to his word.
  3. I was not trying to trap you, or anyone, I merely ask the question which I will re phrase. If any person, no matter what his/her crime commits it in the name of Allah or to further the interests of Islam, and despite the action being contrary to accepted norms of civilized behavior, damaging the community, killing or injuring innocent people, is that person still accepted as a Muslim in the Islamic community.
  4. So any terrorist who meets the above definition is a good Muslim?
  5. Your wife is right. So am I. ---------- Post added 28-07-2016 at 16:21 ----------
  6. You dont call people names you merely belittle those you see to disagree with by putting the letter Y after their names. What points have you made? You clearly dont think much of Clegg/Osborne/Cameron, despite the fact that they created, from a disaster, the fastest growing economy in the developed world, a higher level of employment than ever before in UK history, opened the possibility of regenerating the north of England and reduced the deficit by a third. Corbyn on the other hand, polite, quiet, no policies, surrounded by a bunch of thugs who insult women, jews, other minorities, call all Tories "********". Is without a shadow of a doubt the most ineffective, lame excuse for an opposition leader in UK history. Disowned by those who see him up close, voted against his own party over 500 times whilst an MP, yet has the temerity to expect support from those he regularly betrayed. Any supporter of this man is a member of the loony left. Not an insult, merely a description of a political position. (which is barmy). I now address your question regarding what the loony left would attain for their children if their policies were implemented. As they have yet to outline policies this is difficult so I must refer back in time to the policies espoused in the past, without listing them, safe to say that no matter what they are they never stood the test of scrutiny. The loony left stand "against" things, their utterances are never positive. They hate, (see my list in earlier posting) they envy, they sneer, at achievement, at betterment, at anything or anyone who tries to rise above the mediocrity they themselves are only capable of. The loony left sloganise, berate and belittle. Their lunacy is only equaled by their mediocrity in personal achievement and their contribution to society.
  7. Philosophically you are right. But, as a practical deterrent to terrorists who espouse Islam would this not work?
  8. Your pigskin reference is actually interesting. The Russians did take this kind of action in Checnya and it seems to have worked. Surely non of the peace loving Muslims would object to this? By their actions the terrorists have divorced themselves from their "religion". What do our Muslim forum members make of this?
  9. Like so many forumers,why make what you see as a pertinent point to describe your opinion only to let yourself down by name calling.I refer to,impractical set of loonies .Really ,how does that comment enhance your opinion. But while I am here, Please just explain to me what would these so called loonies attain from the country failing and children /grandchildren being consigned to poverty? I defend my term (loonies). I concede that it is not possible to attack current policies as they do not have any. Historically however the people who have populated the Labour left wing have espoused policies that are either, impractical or just plain insane. You may remember a very mild version of their thoughts and theories contained in the Labour manifesto under Michael Foot, (the longest suicide note in history). The problem with them (generally) is that they are impervious to reasoned debate, much like the ultra right wing of the Tories. They are so entrenched in their hatred of "the rich" a term which includes anyone with a mortgage, that they seem to want a society were aspiration is a crime, self betterment self indulgence and any form of individuality a conceit, indeed it defies the evidence of history and common sense. It is Loonie.
  10. To all readers, re the above. For the truth in this debate follow Jim Graham. Those who oppose him are seeking to defend the indefensible. Labour has failed, hopefully the party will die and be replaced by a centrist pro EU party with serious policies challenging and positively opposing the government. That will leave a left wing idealistic, impractical set of loonies who would rather see the country fail than succeed and consign your children and grandchildren to poverty.
  11. Labour did crash the economy, they were in charge of the economy, if we had had a Tory government in at the time you and your fellow travellers would have been all over them. They borrowed, they sold our gold they pillaged our pensions and they let the economy bomb. Stop defending the indefensible. Stop spreading lies.
  12. Surely the question should be, Should we have the death penalty? My answer is yes. In certain categories, 1. The murder of any member of the emergency services, armed services or any public servant whether in their line of duty or because of their Job. 2. The murder of any person for sexual gratification. 3. The murder of any person where it is intended to prevent that person giving evidence or information relating to any criminal offence. 4. Extreme cruelty to any person under the age of 16, sexual exploitation of any person under 16.
  13. Do you have to book a slot? I only use teabags so are leaves supplied or should I buy some?
  14. I dont think he gave them enough. A trifling amount considered the service they had been to the country. Dont you reds remember when Wilson resigned? he dished out money AND peerages to Kagan and others, all of them dodgy. Tony Blair was as bad, cash for honors in his case. Still Wislon and Bliar one a spy, the other a mass murderer, whats that compared to Cameron? He went to Eton. We cant have that.
  15. Its not mollycoddling its pragmatism. Part of the attraction to drugs is lifestyle, its cool to be a gangster dealer, its trendy to pop a pill. Make them stand in a queue outside Boots to get their prescription filled, see how trendy or cool that feels. Crime would plummet overnight. Like you i am not really interested in those who "cant hack it" I am however interested in the families that they ruin, the communities they infest and the victims they need to fund their insanity.
  16. Cameron and Osborne stopped the rot, had he not been betrayed by Gove and Johnson and subsequently the country, he would have stayed in power until 2019. He tried to stop the moves to extremism exemplified by UKIP and the right wing of the Tory party by holding a referendum. Had Gove and Johnson not been traitors instead of pathetic chancers he would have won. Our country would not be facing the uncertainty it now faces, we would not have nonentities like David Davis and Liam Fox scurrying round the globe trying to fix the damage. History will judge Cameron and Osborne kindly, patriots.
  17. The old Mulberry was originally a Richdales pub. It had become Stones (therefore Bass) when it was demolished. I think Richdales brewery was in the Bramall Lane area. Mick Nolan was the last tenant, he is currently on holiday on the south coast and I wont see him for a week or so, when I do I will be able to flesh the info out a bit. The new Mulberry opened on November 6th 1976. The first manager was Mick Lee and he stayed there until about 1981.He looked like and was often confused with Terry Steeples who was the licensee at the Black Swan for many years.
  18. Driving in a taxi from Newark NJ airport to New York city. The taxi driver put the theme from the SOPRANOS on. It was as if Tony was in the car.
  19. Stones did have a dark mild you are quite right. ---------- Post added 13-07-2016 at 14:37 ---------- The Mulberry was a Richdales pub, I believe the brewery was in the Bramall lane area. Later it became Stones. I know Mick Nolan the last tenant of the old Mulberry and son of Bill, he confirms this. Also Bentleys brewery was in Canklow where the Rank Hovis building now stands. It was purchased by Hammonds in the early 60s, they in turn were purchased by Bass.
  20. I agree legalize the lot, treat addiction as a disease not a crime.
  21. I was wrong, REMAIN will win 60/40 Cameron bestrides politics like a giant. Ruth Davidson for PM when he goes. Siddique Khan for labour PM 2025. ---------- Post added 22-06-2016 at 12:01 ---------- Corbyn wont be Labour leader in 20/20
  22. Steve is spot on mate, no need to work for people who dont appreciate you. There is plenty of work in the security industry. There is a very good firm in Mexborough, doing real security not standing round a pub door looking hard.
  23. Its all over bar the shouting. Brexit will win and convincingly. Cameron will resign before the end of the month. Who will be the next PM? Boris, IDS, Gove, May? It wont be Corbyn so pick your right winger.
  24. Slightly off topic but as the Referendum is all over bar the shouting (we are going out). Cameron is on his way and wont be PM by a week on Monday. Boris, Gove and IDS will then take over and the fun will really start. NHS reform, unions hobbled, etc etc. You will miss Cameron. History will be kinder than we are.
  25. No, different bloke. Gerry (the car dealer) was a partner of Ken Slack and they had a pitch on Station Road Darnall in the 60s. I last saw Gerry in Tesco Wath on Dearne a few years ago he was living locally, looked well.
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