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  1. That was my post. When I said "can't be done" I did mean it in a more figurative and general way, rather than a specific matter. I have no idea if he's attended Parliament since December - it is indeed PMQs that he says he cannot attend. Does anyone know if he has attended Parliament? I would suggest it seems unlikely, given that he's missed important votes such as Universal Credit.
  2. For the final time: THAT IS THE ARGUMENT. That people misuse them. What other possible argument is there? I couldn't care less whether it's a minority or not - this week, in Sheffield alone, we've seen someone get their house burnt down, and two major police incidents. All related to fireworks. As well as the many people on here who all have their stories. Obviously you think none of these issues are anything other than a "minor inconvenience", getting in the way of peoples fun. I think if you lived in any of these areas where problems are occurring, or were the victims in any of these instances, you may well feel differently. Anyway, it's absolutely pointless debating anything further, as the conversation goes around and around. It'll probably be debated in Parliament, so clearly there is public sentmant about this. Perhaps you could set up a petition about cars, vans, screwdrivers etc, and see if the general public also agree people shouldn't have them? https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/231147 ---------- Post added 06-11-2018 at 18:11 ---------- He's bored, and annoyed that people dare think differently?
  3. Yes - once again, you're entirely right Cyclone. There is no argument or debate needed whatsoever for firework purchase to be controlled. It's all smooth as it is, and any restrictions are absolutely insane. Despite the fact there are many people on here alone claiming that they too would support restrictions. We're all wrong. The suggestion they should be controlled is a failed argument as we all have cars, vans, screwdrivers and rocks. And we should all have guns. That OK for you?
  4. I think you're one of very few people who would call the suggestion that firework sales be restricted a "ridiculous argument". It's a constant debate, and with each incident such as those that we have seen in Sheffield over the last few days, becomes more likely to become a reality. If you really can't see the difference between any item in the world that could be used as a weapon to hit someone and fireworks then I think we'll leave it there. It's a fairly tiresome argument to say "if so and so is restricted you need to restrict EVERYTHING". It's also simply not true - hence the list of things that are banned and the list of things that aren't. It's why you can walk down the street with a penknife, but not a machete, regardless of what your intentions may be. Personally I believe you can very well tell the difference between cars, vans, screwdrivers and stones, and giving people needless access to fireworks, and you're probably just arguing for the sake of it.
  5. I think you're getting yourself rather confused! One minute you're telling us that gun crime rises when they're banned....the next you're telling us you didn't say that and that we don't understand! the gun argument is a non-starter in my view- the less access anyone has to a gun, in any society, is a good thing in my view. A bit of a difference between a car, a van or an explosive firework though - as you presumably well know. There are many, many things the general public doesn't have access to, even though most people wouldn't use them in a problematic manner. I think most people are pretty happy with this. Throwing up examples of any inanimate or useful household item that could be used to hit someone with is obviously ridiculous and endless. The simple matter is that no allowing to have access to dangerous explosives for a few weeks a year would stop idiots doing the sort of things we've seen happen in Sheffield over the last week. That's a fact - the only reason these things have happened is because idiots have been allowed to go out and buy these things - as evidenced by the fact that every year this happens for a week or so. The argument pretty much ends there really. I'm one of probably many people who would be happy to sacrifice an evening of letting off a few fireworks in my garden to stop these sort of scenes happening. I'll call it 'progression'.
  6. Is the noise the major problem though? I'd suggest it's the 'firing explosives' aspect that is causing all the problems we are seeing more then the 'bangs'....
  7. Ummm...to quote yourself "the gun ban is a very good example of pointless pandering and knee jerk political reaction"......I think that's suggesting something about unregulated gun ownership isn't it?! I'm at most "mildly inconvenienced" by fireworks yes. The family that had their house burnt down, or those at the receiving end of injuries or worse due to fireworks may see things slightly differently. How about the people on the receiving end of this last night? Still 'a mild inconvenience'? https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/fireworks-hurled-at-cars-driving-through-sheffield-suburb-1-9429736 Or this? https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/paramedics-police-officers-and-firefighters-attacked-by-bonfire-night-yobs-in-sheffield-1-9430018 You know that one individuals experience doesn't make everything ok right? There are more people in society than simply yourself and what you've personally experienced.
  8. Fortunately there are those that are happy to make personal sacrifices for the greater good and public safety. It's absolute nonsense to suggest that unregulated gun ownership would mean less gun crime...as America proves. It's unthinkable that anyone would look at the issues there and claim that the public having ready access to guns is a good thing!
  9. ...it's ok to be concerned about high immigration and not be racist though. I'd put myself in that camp- I despise racism, but I think that immigration can't continue as it has been for practical reasons. That all sensible talk about immigration gets mired in accusations of racism is one of the biggest problems we, and other countries, face.
  10. ...and it's attitudes like that which create the huge divisions. Referring to people who voted to leave europe as 'crabby old bigots' is just woefully judgmental and ignorant. Over half of the voting public chose to leave- to suggest they all view 'foreigners as undesirables' and have 'hideously outdated views' is simply offensive. Basically you're criticising people for being ignorant and judgemental....whilst making terrible generalisations in an aggressive manner. Rank hypocrisy.
  11. Agreee entirely- that's exactly what feeds the extreme right.
  12. Not sure where I said I didn't want to use them....we had some yesterday. And yes, I would be happy for them to be licenced despite responsible users. In the same way if we had guns most people would own them responsibly. Some wouldn't....hence them being banned. There are many other examples.
  13. Well, you can't identify them. Hence, in my view, the need to issue licences for their purchase for organised and controlled events. Any idea why some particular cretins let them off in the middle of the afternoon (as happened today)? Are they unaware that it isn't dark?!
  14. I have to say I was unaware of those things! Absolutely shocking - especially the idea of compulsory examination for FGM.
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