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  1. Sounds perfect, but definately as mentioned in previous posts diversion can be mega expensive. Another alternative if the diversion is high, is to get another 0114/0800 or whatever number that diverts to the mobile. It could work out cheaper. Do a search for virtual telephone number and see which one works out cheaper.
  2. There aren't many independent anything! There is a small jewellers in Crystal Peaks market.
  3. Does the account need constant management? Google themselves provide very good (free) help over the phone. Another good place to try is by logging on to Warrior Forum, which is all about SEO with loads of really helpful specialists. You could checkout YouTube videos aswell, to see who is knowledgeable on the subject and contact them. Does the present guy recommend anyone? Good luck
  4. I drove past the place we were talking about, this is it! http://www.clearanceworlduk.co.uk/ Good luck
  5. HI Corkyballs That's not the one I was thinking of, but one more to try! The one I am thinking of is on Derek Dooley Way, close to the small Tesco shop and I think on the junction of Alma Street. I've even tried to locate it on the net but can't! If Im in the area again, I'll check it out
  6. There are a few companies doing this, I believe Marthill are very good, but if you look on here http://www.thetrader.co.uk/ or buy the mag, I think sold by WHSmith you will find loads more. I know there is one in Sheffield, just outside the city centre. I'm afraid not too helpful as that's all I can remember. if you get a spare couple of hours, you could try google-ing it. It's where the big one way system was made a few years ago. Traffic light junction near to The Foundary Climbing Centre. Sorry, that's as much as I can do right now!
  7. People need to watch where they are walking and extract phones from ears sometimes! However that said, I still wouldn't want to drive in to one of them! There was an experiment done in (I think) Sweden, where the road markings, lines and signs were removed. With this, drivers were a lot more cautious and the accident rate for the area really dropped.
  8. That's a really great and inspiring post Sarah and Craig. Best wishes with it and keep up the good work
  9. We got a lease car from the Sheffield depot before it became Bristol Street. There was a lot wrong with the car and they cancelled the lease and started a new one. Overall very good. However the new one still has a few noises, which we can hear, but they apparently can't! When you call their call centre to book services and fault finding, you are told that there may be a £70 diagnosis fee for finding the fault! So far we haven't been charged this and I'm not sure exactly what the criteria is for charging. Generally speaking I think they are OK, would go back.
  10. HI Waldo Yeah, obviously a stone mason haha! Watch the videos He's a very clever guy though. Do a search for affiliate schemes or just sign up to the Amazon Affiliate scheme. All the tracking software is included so you know what has been sold on your behalf and how much you are owed as a result. It isn't easy, but with a lot of hard work you can make very good money without any real financial investment. You will need to know how to get sites found on the net, which can be a lot harder than you may think if you are new to this. Watch the videos on YouTube though. If you can find a way to trade without having to buy stock, you are at an advantage. The profits may be lower, but the risk is too and it's a great way to start Good luck!
  11. Hi, I can highly recommend Byte IT Ltd http://www.byteitltd.co.uk/ Speak to Gosh, really nice guy, reliable and great value for money Good luck
  12. There are a few companies, who I think will be good to try. Hermes, Yodal, UK Mail. I think these three hire owner drives for small parcel deliveries locally. Have a look at their website and they usually have pages about working for them. Good luck, hope you find what you are looking for
  13. That is such a cool thing, I really hope it works for her and for the guys hiring the suits
  14. It is a shame, cycling is a great hobby and general means of travel. Sadly like any activity it's the mindless minimum killing the rep of the responsible masses.
  15. Don't get too focused on pricing as there will always be who will be happy to pay a higher price for a product that they believe is superior. If it is a product for children / infants, then a clear message that it is made in England, by hand, very safe, environmentally friendly materials, recycled where appropriate etc immediately increases the expected price. Getting in the right market connects you with people who look at the product first and then the price rather than vice versa. Etsy is good from my limited experience with them, but there are others aswell. As for online advertising, I have had the best results from Facebook, you can target the audience you need to connect with, add videos etc. Good luck with it
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