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  1. Hi James There was no 1 house. All were terraces and each set shared a yard. From memory they were all demolished in the late 60s. I thought a number of small businesses replaced them. You will be interested to know that an end of WW2 party was held directly outside my great grandma's front door
  2. Hi James. The whole of the street opposite Tomlinson's was lined with terraced houses. Probably more than 25 of them. Each set of about 4 whilst having front doors to Bedford St also had a passage which led to their back doorsand a large yard. At the back of this space we're 2 more terraces. My great grandmother lived at a house fronting Bedford St and her daughter Annie lived across the yard
  3. Hi Corny44. No sorry. My brothers are Michael and Alan. We all left Cross Bedford St around 1957 when I was 8
  4. Miss M. Apparently because I am a new user I need a certain number of posts. Before I can send a private message. Nearly there ---------- Post added 31-01-2016 at 10:55 ---------- Ihave been trying to remember the street opposite us which had Bentons on the corner. It was North Stand it went down to Penistone Road Looks like they completely removed the street when they demolished everything ---------- Post added 31-01-2016 at 10:55 ---------- Sorry North Street ---------- Post added 31-01-2016 at 11:07 ---------- Hazel. My great grandmother was called Ruth Strickland and she lived on Bedford St directly opposite Cross Bedford. She had 10 children and she died in 1961. Her oldest daughter Doris was my grandmother who married Harry. They lived on Cross Bedford St and must be your uncle and aunt ---------- Post added 31-01-2016 at 11:12 ---------- I remember one of the Tomlinson trucks/cars crashing into the wall by the side of our house. It fell on my brother's little 3 wheeler. Apparently he had been on it 5 mins earlier ---------- Post added 31-01-2016 at 11:20 ---------- I am hoping that I only need 1 more post in order to send a private message to Hazel. I believe Mrs Matkin was in the cutlery trade - a buffer. Buffers were apparently well respected and very hardy people ---------- Post added 31-01-2016 at 11:42 ---------- Muscroft. Many thanks Just received you private message but looks like I still can't send
  5. Hazel your post re your grandma living opposite Tomlinsons and your uncle living on Cross Bedford St. Was your grandma called Ruth Strickland. She was my great grandmother. Also a big thank you to Hillsbro. His Bedford St photo showing the Infirmary in the distance clearly shows grandma's house opposite Tomlinsons
  6. Thank you Sirglyn. Yes Ihave seen the posts from Hazel and she must be a distant relative. My mother used to tell me of the air raids during the war and how she was afraid in the air raid shelter. Not sure where it was but There must have been a lot of friendships made. I remember Bentons clearly. There was old Mr Benton and his son Alan who took over from him. Old Mr Benton built a stone house at Riverlin when he retired. I remember seeing it. My great grandmother Ruth Strickland had 10 children and lived on Bedford St directly across from Cross Bedford St. I rode many times with Mr Matkin on his cart - I think we took manure to a field somewhere
  7. I am newly registered today 29/01/16 so not sure how this works. I lived at 1court 1 Cross Bedford St from 1948 to 1957 when we moved to the new Lowedges estate. My grandfather Harry Gillyett remained there until about 1962. I have seen posts referring to him as Harry Gilliott or Gillot. His wife Doris died in 1946 before I was born. Grandad and his wife had 2 children, my mother Dorothy and another Harry. Grandad was not shot down in a Spitfire as noted in earlier posts. He was a Flight Sergeant and suffered a brain hemoerrage whilst on duty in England. The operation went wrong and he was paralysed down his right side and could only speak a few words. I would really like to get in touch with his niece Hazel
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